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50. [ TUNER ] Button
This is the on/off switch for the MARK-V FT-
1000MP's Automatic Antenna Tuner.
Pressing this button momentarily places the antenna
tuner in line between the transmitter final amplifier and
the main antenna jack. Reception is not affected.
Pressing and holding this button for ½ second while
receiving in an amateur band activates the transmitter
for a few seconds while the automatic antenna tuner
rematches the antenna system impedance for mini-
mum SWR. The resulting settings are automatically
stored in one of the antenna tuner's 39 memories, for
instant automatic recall later when the receiver is tuned
near the same frequency.
51.VRF Indicator
This indicator glows red when the VRF feature is
activated by pressing the [ VRF ] button on the Shuttle
MARK-V FT-1000MP Operating Manual
VRF/MEM CH Knob Sequence
Note: VRF only functions on the 160-20 M Amateur Bands
52. VRF/MEM CH Knob
When the VRF feature is engaged, use this
detended knob to tune the passband of the narrow in-
put preselector filter manually for maximum receiver
sensitivity (and out-of-band interference rejection).
At other times (when the VRF feature is "off"), this
knob selects the operating memory channel when the
memories are active (but not retuned). When the VFO
or memory tune functions of the main display are ac-
tive, turning this knob causes the Sub VFO display to
temporarily show the frequencies of the memories
(memory check), without otherwise affecting operation.
The channel number of the selected memory is dis-
played at all times at the center right of the display (in
front of "CH").
Pressing and holding this knob for ½ second en-
ables the "VFO Step" feature, which allows
"channellizing" the VFO for quick frequency navigation.
Menu Selection 1-5 sets the VFO Channel step size.
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