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HP Z200 Maintenance And Service Manual Page 44

Small form factor workstation.
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Table 4-1
Computer Setup (F10) Utility menu descriptions (continued)
Chapter 4 System management
Storage Options
Provides these options:
Removable Media Boot—Enables and disables the ability to start the computer from
removable media.
Legacy Diskette Write—Enables and disables the ability to write data to removable media.
SATA Emulation—Sets the SATA emulation mode with the following options:
RAID + AHCI—both the RAID and AHCI OPROMs execute. This emulation mode is the
default and offers the best performance and most functionality.
IDE —offers standard SATA supports (four ports only).
SATA PORT 0-n—enables and disables the SATA ports. Offers these configurations:
GEN 2/3.0 Gbps (Internal Only/eSATA Only)
GEN 1/1.5 Gbps (eSATA Only)
DPS Self-test
Select a drive—Enables you to select a drive to test. This option is available in SATA IDE
emulation mode only.
The DPS self-test function directs an IDE hard disk to run an internal self-test and report the results.
If the SATA controller is not in IDE emulation mode, the DPS self-test option is not displayed in the
setup menu.
This selection appears only when at least one drive capable of performing the IDE DPS self-test is
attached to the computer. By default, the SATA controller is in RAID+AHCI mode, so this option is
not displayed
Boot Order
Enables you to configure the boot, diskette drive, and hard disk drive orders by physically
reordering the menu entries. The following is the default boot order presented in the menu:
Optical Drive
Diskette Drive
USB Device
Hard Drive
Embedded Ethernet controller
Embedded Ethernet controller (ASF) Second embedded LAN. (Not available in some
to drag a device to a preferred place. Press
consideration as a bootable device.
MS-DOS drive lettering assignments might not apply after an operating system other than MS-DOS
has started.
Boot devices can be disabled in the boot order process. These order changes are stored in the
physical ROM when the F10 Setup changes are confirmed with File>Save Changes and Exit.
You can temporarily override the boot order. To start one time from a device other than the default
device specified in Boot Order, restart the computer and press
message appears on the screen. After POST completes, a list of bootable devices is displayed.
Use the arrow keys to select the preferred bootable device and press
starts from the selected nondefault device for this one time.
to remove the device from
when the F9=Boot Menu
The computer then


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