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List Of Error Display / Indication; Operator Call Errors - Canon PIXMA MP510 Service Manual

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Errors and warnings are displayed by the following ways:
1) Operator call errors are indicated by the Alarm LED lit in orange, and the error and its solution are displayed on the LCD in text and by
2) Messages during printing from a computer are displayed on the MP driver Status Monitor.
3) Error codes are printed in the "operator call/service call error record" area in EEPROM information print.
Buttons valid when an operator call error occurs:
1) ON/OFF button: To turn the machine off and on again.
2) OK button: To clear and recover from an error. In some operator call errors, the error will automatically be cleared when the cause of
the error is eliminated, and pressing the OK button may not be necessary.
3) Stop/Reset button: To cancel the job at error occurrence, and to clear the error.
2-1. Operator Call Errors (by Alarm LED Lit in Orange)
No paper in the ASF.
No paper in the front
Paper jam.
Paper jam in the rear
No ink.
Ink tank not installed.
The print head is not
installed, or it is not
properly installed.
Print head temperature
sensor error
Faulty EEPROM data of
the print head
Multiple ink tanks of the
same color installed.
Ink tank in a wrong
Warning: The ink
absorber becomes almost
The connected digital
camera or digital video
camera does not support
Camera Direct Printing.
Failed in automatic print
head alignment.
Error code
Auto sheet feeder.
There is no paper. Load paper and press [OK].
Front feeder.
There is no paper. Load paper and press [OK].
The paper is jammed. Clear the paper and press
The following ink may have run out. Replacing
the ink tank is recommended. (U041)
The following ink tank cannot be recognized.
(Applicable ink tank icon) (U043)
Print head is not installed. Install the print
The type of print head is incorrect. Install the
correct print head.
[1405 / 1682]
More than one ink tank of the following color
is installed. (U071)
Some ink tanks are not installed in place.
[1700 / 1701 /
Contact the support center or service center for
ink absorber replacement. Press [OK] to
1710 / 1711]
continue printing.
Incompatible device detected. Remove the
Failed to scan head alignment sheet. Check
orientation and position, and make sure platen
and sheet are clean. <See manual>
Message on the LCD
Confirm that the ASF is selected as the paper
source. Set the paper in the ASF, and press the
OK button.
Confirm that the front feeder is selected as the
paper source. Set the paper in the front feeder,
and press the OK button.
Remove the jammed paper, and press the OK
Replace the empty ink tank(s), and close the
Pressing the OK button will clear the error
without ink tank replacement, however, ink
may run out during printing.
Install the applicable ink tank(s) properly, and
confirm that the LED's of all the ink tanks light
Install the print head properly.
Re-set the print head. If the error is not cleared,
the print head may be defective. Replace the
print head.
Replace the wrong ink tank(s) with the correct
Install the ink tank(s) in the correct position.
Replace the ink absorber, and reset its counter.
[See 3-3. Adjustment / Settings, (6) Service
Pressing the OK button will exit the error, and
enable printing without replacing the ink
absorber. However, when the ink absorber
becomes full, no further printing can be
performed unless the applicable ink absorber is
Remove the cable between the camera and the
Press the OK button to clear the error, and
perform automatic print head alignment again
after confirming the following:


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