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3-3. Adjustment / Settings

(1) Paper feed motor adjustment
Perform the following adjustments when the paper feed motor unit is replaced:
1) When attaching the motor, fasten the screws so that the belt is properly stretched (in the direction indicated by the blue arrow in the
figure below).
2) After replacement, be sure to perform the service test print, and confirm that no strange noise or faulty print operation (due to
dislocation of the belt or gear, or out-of-phase motor, etc.) occurs.
Note: The red screws securing the paper feed motor may be loosened only at replacement of the paper feed motor unit. DO NOT
loosen them in other cases.
(2) Carriage rail adjustment
Perform the following adjustments when attaching the carriage rail:
1) Before loosening the screws, mark the following positions on the rail:
- Left side: Mark the boss position.
- Right side: Mark the hole position.
2) In attaching the carriage rail, make sure that the left boss and right hole fit to the marks made in step 1) respectively, then fasten the
3) Be sure to perform the confirmation test detailed below; confirm that the print quality is proper and the print head is not contacting
the paper.
<Confirmation test>
Using Photo Paper Pro, and with the paper thickness lever set to the left position (normal position), print an image and confirm that the
print quality is proper, and the print head is free from contacting the paper.
If the print quality is not proper, or the print head contacts the paper, adjust the head-to-paper distance in the following procedures:


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