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Canon PIXMA MP530 Quick Start Manual

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Quick Start Guide




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  • Page 1: Quick Start Guide

    Quick Start Guide QT5-0204-V02...
  • Page 2 This product uses the following copyrighted software: exit.c Copyright © 1990 The Regents of the University of California. All rights reserved. Redistribution and use in source and binary forms are permitted provided that the above copyright notice and this paragraph are duplicated in all such forms and that any documentation, advertising materials, and other materials related to such distribution and use acknowledge that the software was developed by the University of California, Berkeley.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Quick Start Guide Table of Contents Introduction Document Handling Paper Handling Copying Printing Photographs Directly from a Compliant Device Preparing Your Machine for Fax Sending Faxes Receiving Faxes Maintenance...
  • Page 4: Preparing The Machine

    For information about the machine setup on pages 2 to 3, also refer to the Easy Setup Instructions. Preparing the machine Unpack the machine Please confirm bundled items against the illustration printed on the lid of the packing box. Also read the Safety Precautions in the User's Guide. Observe the warnings and cautions to avoid personal injury or damage to the machine.
  • Page 5 Align the Print Head from the Operation Panel. Execute automatic Print Head alignment to keep high print quality. • When executing automatic Print Head alignment, always load paper in the Auto Sheet Feeder. You can load paper in both the Auto Sheet Feeder and Cassette when printing. For details, refer to the User's Guide.
  • Page 6: Install The Software

    For information about the software installation on this page, also refer to the Easy Setup Instructions. Install the software Select [Easy Install] in order to install the application software, On-screen Manual and MP drivers. Select [Custom Install] in order to choose the options you would like to install. IMPORTANT •...
  • Page 7 © 2006 Canon Inc. Disclaimer Canon Inc. has reviewed this manual thoroughly in order that it will be an easy-to-use guide to your Canon MP530 Series. All statements, technical information and recommendations in this manual and in any guides or related documents are believed...
  • Page 8: Important Safety Instructions

    EMC requirements of EC Directive 1999/5/EC at nominal mains input 230V, 50 Hz although the rated input of the product is 200V–240V, 50/ 60 Hz. If you move to another EU country and are experiencing trouble please call the Canon Help Desk. (For Europe Only) IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS...
  • Page 9: How To Use The Documentation Provided

    How to Use the Documentation Provided Easy Setup Instructions (Printed documentation): Be sure to read this sheet first. This sheet includes instructions for setting up your machine and getting it ready for use. Quick Start Guide (This guide) Read this guide when starting to use the machine. After following instructions in the Easy Setup Instructions, we recommend you read this guide to familiarize yourself with the basic operation of some of the main functions that can be performed on your machine.
  • Page 10 How to Read the On-screen Manuals The On-screen Manuals are manuals to be viewed on your computer. Read these manuals for detailed information on usage of the machine that is not mentioned in this document, troubleshooting, or usage of the application softwares supplied with the Setup CD-ROM, etc.
  • Page 11: Reading The Document

    Reading the Document Symbols Used in This Guide WARNING Indicates a warning concerning operations that may lead to death or injury to persons if not performed correctly. In order to use the machine safely, always pay attention to these warnings. CAUTION Indicates a caution concerning operations that may lead to injury to persons or damage to property if not performed correctly.
  • Page 12 WEEE scheme or your household waste disposal service. For more information regarding return and recycling of WEEE products, please visit (EEA: Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein)
  • Page 13: Users In Canada

    -or- IDDD (International Direct Distance Dial) line if you communicate overseas • Canon recommends an individual line following industry standards, such as the 2500 (touch-tone) or 500 (rotary/pulse dial) telephones. A dedicated extension off a PBX (Private Branch Exchange) unit without “Call Waiting” can be used with your facsimile unit. Button telephone systems are not recommended because they send non-standard signals to individual telephones for ringing and special codes, which may cause a fax error.
  • Page 14 Avis Le présent matériel est conforme aux spécifications techniques applicables d'Industrie Canada. Before installing this equipment, users should ensure that it is permitted to be connected to the facilities of the local telecommunications company. The equipment must also be installed using an acceptable method of connection. In some cases, the company's inside wiring associated with a single-line individual service may be extended by means of a certified connector assembly (telephone extension cord).
  • Page 15: Customer Technical Supports

    Customer Technical Supports Canon Canada Inc., offers a full range of customer technical support* options: • For interactive troubleshooting, e-mail technical support, the latest driver downloads and answers to frequently asked questions ( • Free live technical support Mon - Fri 9am-8pm EST (excluding holidays) for products still under warranty (1-800-OK-CANON) •...
  • Page 16: Introduction

    1 Introduction Main Components and Their Functions Front View (13) (12) (11) (10) ADF (Auto Document Automatically scans in documents loaded in the Document Tray. Feeder) Feeder Cover Open this cover when clearing jammed documents. Document Guides Adjust these guides to match the document width. Paper Support Supports paper loaded on the tray.
  • Page 17 Connect the USB cable when printing directly from a digital camera or a digital video camcorder or a mobile phone equipped with a camera compatible with PictBridge or Canon Bubble Jet Direct. See “Printing Photographs Directly from a Compliant Device” in the User’s Guide.
  • Page 18 Rear View and Interior (20) (17) (18) (19) (21) (22) (27) (26) (25) (24) (23) (17) Print Head Lock Used to fix the Print Head. Lever IMPORTANT • Do not pull up this lever after installing the Print Head. (18) Ink Lamp Lights or flashes red to indicate the status of the ink tank.
  • Page 19 (24) Rear Cover Open this cover when clearing jammed paper. (25) USB Port This is the connector used to connect the machine to a computer using a USB cable. IMPORTANT • While the machine is printing from or scanning images to the computer, or the computer is in the sleep mode or standby mode, do not disconnect and connect the USB cable.
  • Page 20 Operation Panel Name and Functions (11) (12) (10) (26) (25) (23) (21) (16) (20) (24) (22) (19) (18) (17) (15) (14) (13) [ON/OFF] Turns the machine ON and OFF. Before turning ON the machine, make sure the Document Cover is closed. [COPY] Switches the machine to the Copy mode.
  • Page 21 (15) [OK] Finalizes your selection for the menu or setting item. Restores the machine to normal operation after a printing error was resolved, or if paper jams are cleared. Ejects documents remaining in the ADF. (16) [(-) ] and [ (+)] Scrolls through menu selections, and increases or decreases the number of copies.
  • Page 22: Menu List

    Menu List In [COPY], [FAX], and [SCAN], COPY pressing [Menu] enables you to 1.SPECIAL COPY display the items such as functions you 2-ON-1 can use in each mode, settings 4-ON-1 common to each mode, or STICKER COPY maintenance. BORDERLESS COPY IMAGE REPEAT COLLATED COPY The display items in each mode are...
  • Page 24: Document Handling

    2 Document Handling Document Requirements Platen Glass Document Multipage documents of the same size, Special types of paper thickness, and weight type Photographs Book Documents that are not suitable for the Size Max. 216 x 297 mm / 8.5" x 11.7" Max.
  • Page 25: Loading Documents

    Loading Documents Using the Platen Glass Open the Document Cover. Load your document on the Platen Glass. • Place your document face down on the Platen Glass. • Align the upper left corner of your document with the alignment mark on the upper left corner of the Platen Glass.
  • Page 26: Using The Adf

    Using the ADF Remove any documents from the Platen Glass. Open the Document Tray. Load the document in the ADF (1). Load the document with the side you want to copy, fax, or scan face up in the ADF. Adjust the Document Guides to match the document width (2). •...
  • Page 27: Paper Handling

    3 Paper Handling Recommended Paper and Requirements Media Type Model Paper Support Load Limit Printer Driver Setting for Auto Sheet Feeder Cassette [Media Type] Plain Paper — 13 mm / 0.51" 13 mm / 0.51" [Plain Paper] High Resolution HR-101N 80 sheets (A4, Letter) 80 sheets (A4, Letter) [High Resolution Paper...
  • Page 28 Auto Sheet Feeder and Cassette Paper can be loaded into the machine at two locations: the Auto Sheet Feeder at the rear, and the Cassette at the front. To switch the paper source, press [Feed Switch]. The selected feeder is indicated on the Operation Panel. Loading the Print Media in the Auto Sheet Feeder Flatten the four corners of the paper before loading it.
  • Page 29 Load the paper. 1. Load the paper into the Auto Sheet Feeder with the print side face up. 2. Align the paper stack to the Cover Guide on the right side of the Paper Support. 3. Pinch the Paper Guide and slide it against the left side of the paper stack. IMPORTANT •...
  • Page 30 Loading the Print Media in the Cassette Flatten the four corners of the paper before loading it. Prepare to lead paper. 1. Pull out the Cassette from the machine. Paper Handling Chapter 3...
  • Page 31 Load the paper (Print side face down). 1. Load the paper into the Cassette with the print side face down. 2. Align the paper stack to the right side of the Cassette. 3. Slide the Paper Guides to fit the loaded paper stack. IMPORTANT •...
  • Page 32 Prepare the Paper Output Tray. 1. Press the Open Button to open the Paper Output Tray. 2. Open up and set the Paper Output Tray Extension completely by pressing down the hollow on its front side. 3. Press [Feed Switch] so that the Cassette Lamp (A) lights. Paper Handling Chapter 3...
  • Page 33: Copying

    4 Copying Making Copies When making color or black & white copies, you can adjust the print resolution and density. You can also change reduction or enlargement settings. For more information, refer to the User’s Guide. Press [ON/OFF] to turn on the machine. Press [COPY].
  • Page 34: Advanced Copy Features

    Advanced Copy Features Two-sided copy Copies two document pages onto the both sides of a single sheet of paper.* 2-on-1 copy Copies two document pages to fit onto a single page.* 4-on-1 copy Copies four document pages to fit onto a single page.* Creating stickers Easily makes stickers from 101.6 x 152.4 mm / 4"...
  • Page 35: Printing Photographs Directly From A Compliant Device

    5 Printing Photographs Directly from a Compliant Device Connecting a PictBridge-compatible digital camera, camcorder or mobile phone to the machine allows you to print recorded images directly without using a computer. Connecting to a PictBridge Compliant Device Press [ON/OFF] to turn on the machine. Load paper.
  • Page 36: Preparing Your Machine For Fax

    6 Preparing Your Machine for Fax Examples of Connecting the Machine Connecting to the Telephone Line Connecting to an Analog Line Telephone line (analog) Connecting to an ADSL Asymmetric Digital Splitter Subscriber Line ADSL modem (splitter may be built-in to the Computer modem) For details on ADSL connection and settings, see the manual supplied with your ADSL...
  • Page 37: Connecting External Devices

    Connecting to an ISDN Line ISDN line Analog port Terminal adapter, etc. Computer For details on ISDN connection and settings, see the manuals supplied with your terminal adapter or dial-up router. Connecting External Devices Connecting a Telephone or Answering Machine via a Computer Telephone or Answering machine Computer...
  • Page 38: Setting The Telephone Line Type

    Setting the Telephone Line Type Press [FAX], then press [Menu]. Use [ ] or [ ] to select <USER SETTINGS>, then press [OK]. Use [ ] or [ ] to select <TEL LINE TYPE>, then press [OK]. Use [ ] or [ ] to select the telephone line type, then press [OK]. –...
  • Page 39: Registering Coded Speed Dialing

    Registering Coded Speed Dialing Press [FAX], then press [Menu]. Use [ ] or [ ] to select <CODED DIAL REGIST>, then press [OK]. Use [ ] or [ ] to select a coded speed dialing code (00 to 39), then press [OK] two times.
  • Page 40 Setting Daylight Saving Time (Summer Time) • This setting is not available in some countries and regions. Press [FAX], then press [Menu]. Use [ ] or [ ] to select <USER SETTINGS>, then press [OK]. Use [ ] or [ ] to select <SUMMER TIME SET>, then press [OK]. Use [ ] or [ ] to select <ON>...
  • Page 41 Guidelines for Entering Numbers, Letters, and Symbols Press [ ] to switch to uppercase letter mode (:A), lowercase letter mode (:a), or number mode (:1). Use the numeric buttons to enter a character. Press the button repeatedly until the character you want appears. To enter successive characters from the same numeric button: –...
  • Page 42 Models without lowercase letter mode: Button Letter mode Number mode ABCabc DEFdef GHIghi JKLjkl MNOmno PQRSpqrs TUVtuv WXYZwxyz -.SP #!",;:^`_=/|’?$@%&+()[]{}<> SP indicates a space. Preparing Your Machine for Fax Chapter 6...
  • Page 43: Sending Faxes

    7 Sending Faxes Sending Methods Load the document on the Platen Glass or in the ADF. Press [FAX]. Adjust the settings for your document as necessary. Dial the recipient’s number (DESTINATION NUMBER) using the numeric buttons or coded speed dialing. Press [Color] for color sending, or [Black] for black &...
  • Page 44: Receiving Faxes

    8 Receiving Faxes Receive Modes If You Want to Receive Only Faxes Automatically with Your Machine, or You Have a Dedicated Telephone Line for Fax Use Only: Select <FAX ONLY MODE>. • When you receive a fax call: The machine will receive the fax automatically. •...
  • Page 45: Setting The Receive Mode

    If You Have Subscribed to a Distinctive Ring Pattern Detection (DRPD) Service with Your Telephone Company (US and Canada only) : Select <DRPD>. • When you receive a fax call: The machine will ring according to the ring pattern you have chosen and receive the fax automatically.
  • Page 46: Maintenance

    9 Maintenance Replacing an Ink Tank Ensure that the machine is on. Raise the Scanning Unit (Printer Cover) until it stops. The Paper Output Tray will open automatically and the Print Head Holder moves to the center. (A) Press the Open Button to open the Paper Output Tray if it does not open automatically. Open the Inner Cover.
  • Page 47 Push the tab (A) and remove the ink tank whose lamp is flashing red fast. Do not touch the Print Head Lock Lever (B). Remove only the ink tank. Prepare a replacement tank. 1. Remove the new ink tank from its packaging, then pull the orange tape (A) toward the arrow so that the protective film does not remain on the air hole (C).
  • Page 48 Install the ink tank. 1. Install the ink tank into the Print Head. 2. Press on the mark on the ink tank until the ink tank snaps firmly into place. 3. Ensure that the ink tank clicks into place and then its lamp lights red (A). Close the Inner Cover.
  • Page 49: Maintaining The Print Head

    Maintaining the Print Head Cleaning the Print Head Press [ON/OFF] to turn on the machine. Press [Menu] repeatedly to select <MAINTENANCE>. Use [ ] or [ ] to select <CLEANING> or <DEEP CLEANING> as necessary, then press [OK]. Aligning the Print Head Automatically Press [ON/OFF] to turn on the machine.
  • Page 51: Regulatory Information

    If such changes or modifications should be made, you could be required to stop operation of the equipment. Canon U.S.A., Inc. One Canon Plaza Lake Success, NY 11042 1-516-328-5600 (For U.S.A. Only) Canon Europa N.V., Bovenkerkerweg 59-61, 1185 XB Amstelveen, The Netherlands...
  • Page 52 The following ink tanks are compatible with this machine. For details on ink tank replacement, refer to “Replacing an Ink Tank” in this guide. QT5-0204-V02 XXXXXXXX ©CANON INC.2006 PRINTED IN THAILAND...