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8 times
Print head
rise error
9 times
10 times
VH monitor
12 times
PG position
15 times
USB Host
19 times
Ink tank
position sensor
20 times
hardware error
22 times
Scanner home
position error
Alarm and Power
ROM error,
LEDs lit
RAM error
Note: Before replacement of the logic board ass'y, check the ink absorber counter value (by service test print or EEPROM information
print). If the counter value is 7% or more, also replace the ink absorber kit (QY5-0178) when replacing the logic board ass'y, or
register the current ink absorber counter value to the replaced new logic board instead. [See
Service mode,
for details.]

2-3. Other Error Messages

Message on the LCD
The selected paper cannot be fed from
front feeder. Change the paper source.
Borderless print is not available for
paper from the front feeder. Change the
paper source and press [OK].
Cannot specify the followings together.
Change one of the settings.
Device memory is full. Cannot continue
process. Reduce the number of photos to
Failed to scan. Either document cannot
be scanned or is not placed on the platen
Press <>.
(<>: Color button icon)
Press <>.
(<>: Black button icon)
There are no photos in memory card.
5B11: Borderless-print ink absorber
[5200] The print head temperature exceeded the specified
[6800] A problem occurred in writing to the EEPROM.
[B200] The internal temperature exceeded the specified
[5C10] An error occurred in the PG motor during purging
[9000] The USB Host VBUS is overloaded.
[6502] None of the ink tank position is detected.
[6500] The PCI bus error is detected by the ASIC.
[5010] The scanner unit cannot detect the home position, or
the scanner unit warming-up is not performed
properly at power-on.
On the LCD, "Scanner is not operating correctly." is
A flash ROM or RAM checksum error occurred at
The paper type being used is not supported for
paper feeding from the front feeder.
Borderless print is attempted when the front
feeder is selected as the paper source.
Settings made conflict each other.
The memory is not sufficient to do the print job. Reduce the amount of data to be printed, or
The machine failed in scanning the document
for Fit-to-page copy, or photos or films were
not recognized in pre-scanning.
The Black button was pressed, but it is invalid. A temporary error. Press the Color button to
The Color button was pressed, but it is invalid.
Supported image files are not in the memory
Change the paper source to the ASF.
Change the paper source to the ASF.
The error message is displayed for a while, then
the LCD automatically returns to the display
before the error occurrence.
print from a computer.
Press the OK button to clear the error.
continue the operation.
A temporary error. Press the Black button to
continue the operation.
A temporary error.
- Confirm that supported image files are in the
memory card.
- Images with double-byte characters used in
the file name (or folder name) may not be
recognized. Change the file (or folder) name
so that it contains only single-byte
alphanumeric characters.
- Print head (QY6-0070)
- Logic board (QM2-3827)
- Logic board (QM2-3827)
- Print head (QY6-0070)
- Carriage unit (QM2-3753)
- Logic board (QM2-3827)
- Sheet feed unit (QM2-3762)
- Logic board (QM2-3827)
- Purge unit (QM2-3754)
- Logic board (QM2-3827)
- Spur base unit (QM2-3750)
- Logic board (QM2-3827)
- Logic board (QM2-3827)
- Scanner unit (QM2-3775)
- Logic board (QM2-3827)
3-3. Adjustment / Settings, (9)


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