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The remaining ink amount
Ink tank not recognized.
Ink tank not recognized.
Scanning unit (printer
cover) open.
2-2. Service Call Errors (by Cyclic Blinking in Orange (Alarm LED) and Green (Power LED), or
Both LEDs Lit)
Service call errors are indicated by the number of cycles the Alarm LED and Power LED blink, and the corresponding error code is
displayed on the LCD.
Cycles of blinking
in orange (Alarm
LED) and green
(Power LED)
2 times
Carriage error [5100] An error occurred in the carriage encoder signal.
3 times
Line feed error [6000] An error occurred in the LF encoder signal.
4 times
Purge cam
sensor error
5 times
ASF (cam)
sensor error
6 times
7 times
Ink absorber
(Applicable ink tank icon)
The remaining level of the following ink
cannot be correctly detected. Replace the ink
tank. (U130)
The following ink tank cannot be recognized.
(Applicable ink tank icon)
[1410 to
The following ink tank cannot be recognized.
(Applicable ink tank icon)
Cover is open. Close cover.
[5C00] An error occurred in the purge unit.
[5700] This error takes place when feeding paper from the
ASF after an error occurred in the ASF cam sensor.
[5400] The internal temperature is not proper.
The ink absorber is full.
Error codes:
5B00: Main ink absorber
5B10: Borderless-print ink absorber
5B01: Main ink absorber
- Fill in all the circles on the print head
alignment sheet.
- Place the sheet in the correct orientation and
An ink tank which has once been empty is
installed. Replace the applicable ink tank with
a new one.
Printing with a once-empty ink tank can
damage the printer.
To continue printing without replacing the ink
tank(s), press the OK button for 5 sec. or
longer to disable the function to detect the
remaining ink amount. After the operation, it is
recorded in the printer EEPROM that the
function to detect the remaining ink amount
was disabled.
A non-supported ink tank is installed (the ink
tank LED is turned off). Install the supported
ink tanks.
A hardware error occurred in an ink tank (the
ink tank LED is turned off). Replace the ink
Close the scanning unit (printer cover).
(Replacement of listed parts, which
are likely to be faulty)
- Carriage unit (QM2-3753)
- Timing slit film (QC1-9542)
- Logic board (QM2-3827)
- Carriage motor (QM2-3872)
- Timing sensor unit (QM2-3878)
- Timing slit disk film (QC1-9597)
- Feed roller (QL2-1407)
- Logic board (QM2-3827)
- Paper feed motor (QM2-3873)
- Purge unit (QM2-3754)
- Logic board (QM2-3827)
- Sheet feed unit (QM2-3762)
- ASF_PE sensor board (QM2-3877)
- Logic board (QM2-3827)
- Logic board (QM2-3827)
- Carriage unit (QM2-3753)
- Ink absorber kit (QY5-0178)


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