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Edit Avoid Area

This function allows you to select areas
you wish to avoid when calculating a
route to your destination. You can select
up to 5 areas to avoid. You may wish to
set up an "avoid area" to route around
long term road construction, closures, or
any area you wish to avoid. If you enter
a route that takes you through or into an
"avoid area," a pop-up box will warn
you that your route takes you into one of
these areas. However, you can still
choose destinations in an avoided area.
When you select Edit, for the set up
item "Edit Avoid Area," the following
list screen is displayed.
You can select New Area, or select (by
touch) one of your existing areas to
modify. If you choose New Area, the
following screen is displayed:
Say or select Edit Name, and use the
keyboard to enter the name on the Enter
avoid area name screen (19 characters
max). Say or select Done to return to
the previous screen. Say or select Edit
Area, to create the area to be avoided.
The following screen appears.
System Set-up
Either select Address or Map Input
on the Enter avoid area by screen.
Each choice provides a slightly different
way to locate the approximate map
display for drawing the area you wish to
avoid. After selecting the choice, a map
screen will be displayed.
Use the ZOOM buttons to select the
map scale (available scales are 1/20, 1/
8, and 1/4 mile scales).
Use the joystick to move the crosshairs
(red circle) to the desired start point and
push in the joystick to "set" the start
point. Then move the joystick in a
straight or diagonal direction to
encompass the area to be avoided.
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