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These roads are found within metropolitan areas, and
include interstate freeways and major roads
connecting cities.
Shown on daytime map screen as black or red, such as
Street color
interstate freeways.
The database vendor has verified these streets.
Information like turn restrictions, average speed, and
Map Quality
whether it is a one way street have been gathered and
used when creating your route to a destination.
While driving to your destination, the displayed route
line is solid blue. The system provides voice and map
guidance to your destination.
There are no pop-up boxes urging extra caution during
a route. However, because roads constantly change,
you are urged to use common sense, and always obey
posted traffic restrictions.
Voice guidance issues maneuvers such as "In a half
mile make a right turn."
Time and
The time and distance "to go," displayed while on
route to a destination, is based on the average speed
"to go"
and distance for the roads used for your route.
Verified streets (dark colored)
Unverified streets (light colored)
These roads are found in rural areas, and typically include
residential streets away from the center of a town.
Shown on the daytime map screen as light brown.
These streets have not been verified by the database vendor. The
system does not contain information about one-way streets, turn
restrictions, or the road's average speed. They are shown on the
map for reference and can have errors in map location, naming,
and address range.
Your route line is either a blue dotted "vector line," or a dashed
pink/blue line. For information on selecting this option, and the
routing differences, see Unverified Area Routing on page 79.
Regardless of whether the user chooses route guidance, there are
cautionary screens before and during the route urging the user to
be extra cautious, and obey all traffic restrictions. See Unverified
Area Routing on page 79.
The suffix "if possible" is added to each guidance maneuver. For
example: "In a half mile make a right turn, if possible."
Because the average speed of these roads is not known, the time
and distance "to go" is based on a fixed average speed of 25 mph
for these roads.
Navigation System


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