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HONDA Ridgeline Navigation Manual: By Intersection; Selecting The State Or Province; Selecting The City

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Entering a Destination

By Intersection

After you select Intersection from the
Enter destination by screen, the
display changes to:
When entering an address, it is usually
easier to enter the street first and then
let the system display the city or cities
that the street appears in. This avoids
having to enter the city and the street.
Navigation System
• If you find that your city is not listed,
it may be part of a larger
metropolitan area. Try entering the
street first.
• Prior to departure, you can set areas
to avoid. The system then includes
them in its calculations for the
destination you have entered. See
Edit Avoid Area on page 83.

Selecting the State or Province

The state you are in is displayed at the
top of the screen. If your desired
destination is in another state, select
Change State.
The display then changes to the Enter
state name screen. Use the voice
control system and say the name of the
state or use the on-screen keyboard to
enter the name of the state.

Selecting the City

The city you are in is displayed on the
screen. If the city you want is displayed
on the screen, say "Select current city."
If your desired destination is in another
city, say or enter another city.
By Voice Control:
Say "City" on the Find intersection by
screen, and the display changes to the
Say city name screen. Say the city
name and the searching will begin.
To enter the city name by voice spelling,
say or select CHANGE TO Spell
Mode on the Say city name screen,
and the display will change to the Enter
city name screen.
Say the city name by saying individual
letters, one at a time.


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