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When you press the MENU button, the
display changes to:
Address (see page 22)
This selection requires you to enter the
city (and possibly the state), and the
address that you want to go to.
Intersection (see page 26)
This selection allows you to enter the
names of two intersecting streets in a
city. This is useful if you know the
general location of your destination, but
not the exact address.
Places (see page 29)
The system contains the locations of
many businesses, parks, hospitals, etc.
This selection lets you search these by
category, name, or phone number.
Map Input (see page 34)
This selection allows you to point to a
destination on the map using the
joystick. This allows you to enter a
destination or address that may not be
listed in the database.
Previous Destinations (see page 37)
When you enter a destination with any
of the available selections (except
Address Book and Go Home), the
last 50 destinations are saved by the
system. Use this selection to choose a
destination again.
If Previous Destinations is grayed
out, there are no Previous Destinations

Entering a Destination

Today's Destinations (see page 38)
You can enter and sort up to five
destinations and store them in the
Today's Destinations list. You can then
use the Today's Destination selection.
If Today's Destinations is grayed
out, there are no Today's Destinations
Address Book (see page 39)
This selection allows you to select a
stored address. The system can store up
to a combined total of 200 User 1 and 2
Go Home (see page 40)
This selection allows you to select your
home or a common place as a
If you have no home address entered,
the system prompts you for one.
Navigation System


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