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System Set-up
The maximum size of the "Avoid area"
is 1/4 of the navigation display screen
when the 1/4 mile scale is selected.
The selected area will be displayed as a
shaded box with an orange border. Push
in on the joystick to set the end point of
the avoided area. To "re-draw" the area,
touch Cancel and repeat the area
selection process. If your selected area
contains a freeway, the system will
prompt you with a pop-up box saying,
"Do you want to avoid freeways?"
Answering "No" allows you to enter a
route through an avoided area on a
freeway, and skip the "Avoid area
caution box" (See Pop-ups and
Disclaimers on page 56).
Navigation System
Say or select Done to return to the Edit
area screen. When you return, the
"Vicinity" field is automatically filled in
by the system. Re-edit the area "Name"
if desired. Select Done on the Edit
avoid area screen to finish editing.
Your new avoided area will now appear
on the "Avoid area" list screen, and be
viewable on the regular map screen.
• You can select areas to avoid,
however you cannot select roads or
areas that you want the system to use
for routing.
• If you are drawing a box around a
road so the system will avoid it when
on a route, then ensure the following:
When you draw the box, make sure
that the road or portion of a road that
you encircled includes an
intersection. For instance, in the
example below, highway 213 will be
avoided, but Van Ness will not be
avoided because it lacks an
intersection in the enclosed box.


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