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Frequently Asked Questions
Guidance, Routing
The navi does not route me the same way I would go, or the
way some other mapping program displays. Why is this?
Why is the street I'm on not shown on the map? It has been
here for more than a year.
The vehicle position icon is not following the road and the
"GPS icon" text in the upper left hand corner of the screen is
white or missing.
I entered a destination, but the blue highlighted route and
voice guidance stopped, or turned into a blue/purple dashed
line before I got to my destination. Why is this?
The map rotates while I make a turns, How can I stop this?
Sometimes I cannot select between the North-up, and
Heading-up map orientations, why is this?
While driving to my destination, the "time to go" display
sometimes increases even though I am getting closer.
The vehicle position icon on the map "lags" a short distance
behind especially when I arrive at an intersection. Is there
anything wrong?
110 Navigation System
The navigation system attempts to generate the optimum route. See
Changing the Routing Method on page 43.
The mapping database is constantly undergoing revision. See page 97 for
ways to obtain the latest detailed coverage information.
• The GPS antenna (located under the center of the dash) may be blocked by
personal items. For best reception, remove items from the dash, such as
radar detectors, cell phones, or loose articles.
• Window metallic tinting or other after-market devices can interfere with
the GPS reception. Please see your dealer. Also see System Limitations on
page 93.
Your route has entered an unverified area. See Unverified Area Routing on
page 79.
Select the "North-up" map orientation by touching the map compass icon on
the map screen. See Map Orientation on page 51.
The "Heading-up" map orientation can only be shown in the lower scales
(1/20 - 1 mile scales). See Map Scale on page 50.
The "Time to go" is based on actual road speeds. However if you speed
slows down when you encounter slower traffic, the system updates the
"Time to go" based of your actual speed to give you a better estimate of
arrival time.
No, when at an intersection, the system is unaware of the width of the
intersecting road. Large differences is vehicle position can indicate a
temporary loss of the GPS signal. See GPS Reception Issues on page 93.


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