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Map Matching - The received GPS
information allows the navigation
system to position the vehicle on the
map. Map matching has occurred if
the map screen is displaying the
current street name in the bottom-
shaded area.
Mic - Abbreviation for the microphone
used for receiving voice commands.
It is located near the map light in the
MW - Maneuver Window. While on-
route to a destination, this window
displays information about the next
Navi - Abbreviation for the navigation
North Pointer - The map symbol
showing the map orientation.
Off Route - This occurs when the user
leaves mapped roads. Off road
tracking dots ("breadcrumbs") are
displayed if the option is enabled in
the Set up screen. The user can use
them to return to a mapped road. The
bottom of the navigation screen will
say "Not on a digitized road"
116 Navigation System
Outlying Areas - These are rural areas
that typically have only their main
roads mapped. All other roads are
shown in light brown for reference
only, since they have not been
PIN - Personal Identification Number.
A random 4-digit number created by
the customer to protect personal
POI - Point Of Interest. These are the
businesses, schools etc. found under
the Places option on the Enter
destination by screen.
Polygon - Colored areas on the map
screen denoting parks, schools etc.
See Map Screen for a list of the
assigned colors.
QWERTY - Keyboard layout
resembling the typewriter keys. The
keyboard layout can be changed to an
alphabetical layout in the Set up
Reminder - Automatic "pop-up"
Calendar message. See Calendar on
page 65.
Security Code - Code needed to
activate the navigation system or
audio unit. See Entering the Security
Code on page 91.
Touch Sensor - The touch sensor on the
front of the LCD consists of a touch
sensitive resistive membrane with an
infinite number of possible touch
locations. The sensing locations are
confined to a grid of 20 vertical and
10 horizontal touch locations.
Unverified Streets - These streets have
not been verified for turn restrictions,
one-way, etc. They are shown in light
brown on the map. Unverified streets
may be missing from the map, shown
in the wrong location, or have an
incorrect name or address range.
Vehicle Speed Sensor - Provides speed
signal to the navigation system for
moving the VP icon on the map.
Verified Streets - These streets consist
of the detailed metropolitan coverage
areas, and all other inter-town
connection roads. These roads are
shown in black on the map.


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