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After you have completed the first street
name, the display changes to the Enter
intersecting street screen.
Enter the name of the other intersecting
street using the on-screen keyboard.
If you did not select a city in the
beginning, and the intersection appears
in more than one city, you will see the
Select a city screen. The system will
give you a list of cities that the
intersection appears in. Select the
desired city from the list. If more than
one intersection appears in a city, select
the desired intersection from the Select
an intersection screen. The system
then displays the Calculate route to
screen (see Driving to Your Destination
on page 42).
If the particular intersection you want
cannot be found, select Map Input and
use the joystick to select the appropriate
location on the map (see By Map Input
on page 34).
Select View Dest. Map and use the
joystick to select an icon, approximate
area, or street you wish to choose as
your destination. Otherwise, a central
location of the street will be selected. If
you select a point of interest (POI) or
road in an unverified area, you may or
may not have routing in these areas. See
Map Overview on page 6.
Entering a Destination

By Places

After you select Places from the Enter
destination by screen, the display
changes to:
There are three ways to find a place or
point of interest (POI), by Category,
Name, or Phone Number.
Let's assume you want to find a coffee
shop (restaurant) called "Bucks."
• If you know the phone number of the
coffee shop, select Phone Number,
then enter the 10-digit number with
area code. This is the quickest way to
find it.
• The second best method is to select
Category, then Restaurant, and
enter the keyword "Bucks." The list
will include all Bucks coffee shops.
Navigation System


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