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The following is a glossary of terms
pertaining to the voice recognition
navigation system.
Avoid Area - Areas you wish to avoid
can be entered into the system, and
will be avoided while routing.
Breadcrumbs - Off road tracking dots
that can be followed on the map to
retrace your route back to a mapped
(digitized) road. This function can be
turned on/off in Set up screen
Database - This consists of the map
data, and the POI (Points Of Interest)
data stored on the DVD.
DCA - Detailed Coverage Area. The
main metropolitan areas in the lower
48 states, and Canada are mapped to
this level. See page 99 for a list of
these areas.
Digitized Road - A road that appears on
the navigation screen. The road name
will appear at the bottom of the
navigation screen. If the user drives
"off road," the navigation system will
display "breadcrumbs," depending on
how far you drive from a mapped
Disclaimer Screen - Screen containing
cautionary information. It is meant to
be read carefully and acknowledged
by the customer when using the
navigation system.
DVD or DVD-ROM - Digital Versatile
Disk. The navigation program and
database resides on this disk. For
information on how to order a
replacement or update DVD, see
page 97.
FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions. See
page 108 for a list of the customer
FAQs, and troubleshooting
GPS - Global Positioning System. A
network of 24 satellites in orbit
around the earth. The navigation
system can simultaneously receive
signals from up to 12 satellites to
accurately position the vehicle on the
GPS Antenna - Located in the center of
the dash. Electronic items operating
in this general location can interfere
with the GPS signal.
Icon - Symbol representing Points of
Interest (POI) that can be displayed
on the map.
Initialization - This refers to the period
needed to reacquire the GPS satellite
orbital information whenever the
navigation system power has been
disconnected. This can take 10 to 45
LCD - Liquid Crystal Display. The
navigation screen.
Navigation System 115


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