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HONDA Ridgeline Navigation Manual: Going Off The Route; Off-road Tracking

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Going Off the Route

If you leave the calculated route,
"Recalculating..." is displayed at the top
of the screen. The system will
recalculate the route from your current
location and direction to the desired
destination then give you a new route
instruction. This is done automatically if
you have set Rerouting to Automatic
on the Set up screen (second) (see
page 77).
If the Rerouting option in set up is set
to Manual, "Off route" appears at the
top of the screen when you leave the
calculated route. Say "Recalculate," or
touch Recalc. button whenever you
wish the system to perform a

Off-road Tracking

If you drive more than half a mile from
a mapped road, "Not on a digitized
road." appears at the bottom of the
screen. The map screen starts
displaying a series of dots
(breadcrumbs) to show the path you
have taken if Off-road Tracking on
the Set up screen (second) is set to On
(see page 86).
Driving to Your Destination
By following the dots, you can
backtrack to the mapped road you
originally left. "Breadcrumbs" may
occasionally be displayed in urban
areas, such as large parking lots in
shopping malls, or in new subdivisions
where the roads are not yet in the
database. In other cases you may see
dots, if the system temporary goes off
route, like in a parking garage where the
GPS signal is unavailable.
These dots appear only in the 1/20, 1/8,
1/4, and 1/2 mile map scales, or the 80,
200, 400, and 800 meter map scales.
Use the ZOOM buttons to change scales
if necessary.
Tracking continues for 150 miles; dots
at the beginning of the trail will start
disappearing when you exceed that
distance. When you reach a mapped
road, the system stops displaying dots.
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