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Information Features
Edit Title
Say or select Edit Title, then enter the
name of your title using the on-screen
keyboard. Once you have entered the
title, say or select Done.
Edit Message
Say or select Edit Message, and the
system will show the Edit Message
screen. You can enter a message on two
lines. Use
to change the line.
Once you have entered the message, say
or select Done.
Message Icon
Say or select Message Icon, and the
system displays a list of icons you can
select to help identify the type of
message you entered. The message icon
you choose will be displayed alongside
the specified date on the Calendar
From the Calendar screen, select the
date of the schedule you wish to
remove. To remove the schedule, say or
select Delete.
Navigation System
Once you have finished entering the
schedule, say or select Done. The
Calendar screen is redisplayed and a
message icon appears.
• You can only enter one message per
• To re-activate a previous message,
turn the Reminder setting from Off to
On. If it is not turned on, the
reminder will not be displayed when
you start vehicle.
• The system displays active calendar
entries only after you answer OK on
the Disclaimer screen.
• For more information, refer to
System Start-up on page 16.


When you say or select Calculator, the
display changes to:
Use the touch screen to use the
following features:
The calculator function operates like a
standard hand held calculator.
Unit Conversion
Values entered on the calculator can
be converted from one unit to another
(e.g., inches-to-millimeters)


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