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HONDA Ridgeline Navigation Manual: Changing The Routing Method; Viewing The Routes

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Changing the Routing Method

The system lets you select the way you
want to drive to your destination. Select
the desired method using the CHANGE
METHOD scroll bar back ( ) or
forward ( ) buttons.
The following methods are available to
change after you have set a destination:
While on a map screen, press the
MENU button. The Change route by
screen will be displayed. Say or select
Change Routing Method, and the
screen changes to:
• "Direct Route" (the factory default) is
the route that is the quickest (least
time) and is usually the best choice.
If you choose any other method, it
becomes the new default for all future
routing . Make sure to check the
routing method if the displayed route
is not what you expected to see.
• "Easy Route" produces a route with
the least turns.
• "Maximize Freeways", "Minimize
Freeways", and "Minimize Toll
Roads" are also available.
If the trip is greater than 100 miles,
then "Minimize Freeways" and
"Minimize Toll Roads" may be grayed
out. This is normal.
The generated route may not be the route
you would choose. For safety reasons,
the system generally applies the
following rules to your route:
• It tries to avoid "short cuts" through
residential areas.
• Right turns are favored over left turns
or U-turns.
• Restricted turns (turns that cannot be
made during certain hours), are not
used for routing during any time of the
Driving to Your Destination

Viewing the Routes

Touching View Routes allows you to
scroll through and view the various
routes (Direct, Easy, Maximize
Freeways, etc.) to your destination. If
you select View Routes, the display
changes to:
You can change the method for
calculating the route by using the voice
control system and saying "Next" or
"Previous" or by touching Next or
Prev. The system will display another
calculated route.
Navigation System


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