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Map Orientation

The map can be oriented two ways:
• North-up: North pointing up as you
would normally view a paper map.
• Heading-up: The map constantly
rotates so the road you are driving on
always points up (as you see the road
through your front windshield).
"North Up"
"Heading Up"
The red arrow in both heading symbols
always shows the direction north. Touch
the symbol on the map screen to switch
between the available orientations, or
say, "Display heading up," or "Display
north up."
You can switch between the two by
saying "Display North up," or "Display
Heading up," or by touching the Map
Orientation icon in the upper left corner
of the screen.
In the larger map scales (above
2 mile or 3 kilometer), the map is
always oriented with north facing
upward. You cannot change the
To view other areas on the map, move
the joystick left, right, up, or down. The
map will shift in that direction. To
return the map to your current location,
press either the MAP/GUIDE, the
CANCEL, or the BACK button on the
steering wheel.
Driving to Your Destination
The display automatically changes to
the map screen when you reach your
destination. Press the MENU button to
return to the Enter destination by
For information of the available voice
commands, see Voice Command Index
on page 118.
Navigation System


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