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HONDA Ridgeline Navigation Manual: Map Screen Description; Displaying Current Location

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Map Screen Description

Use the ZOOM buttons to change the
scale of the map. Zooming in increases
the detail, while zooming out gives you
a view of a wide area. After changing
the scale, give the system a few
moments to update the display.
The map can be oriented with north
pointing up (North-up), or with a front
window view (Heading-up). The red
arrow in both heading symbols always
points north. The map can display
"North-up" in any scale. However,
"Heading-up" can be viewed only in the
five most detailed map scales (1/20, 1/8,
1/4, 1/2 and 1 mile, or 80, 200, 400, 800
meter and 1 kilometer).
You can switch between the two by
saying "Display North up." or "Display
Heading up." or by touching the Map
Orientation icon in the upper corner of
the screen.
To view other areas on the map, move
the joystick left, right, up, or down. The
map will shift in that direction. To
return the map to your current location,
press either the MAP/GUIDE, the
CANCEL, or the BACK button.
The display automatically changes to
the map screen when you reach your
destination. Press the MENU button to
return to the Enter destination by
Getting Started

Displaying Current Location

You can say "Display current location."
or touch the vehicle position icon at any
time to see the current address, latitude,
longitude and elevation. The screen will
change to:
The elevation will not appear when the
system is temporarily lacking proper
GPS information. The system elevation
may not agree with elevations shown on
roadside elevation signs, and may
fluctuate plus or minus 100 feet or more.
You can say "Save current location." or
select Save on the screen to save the
current location in the Address Book.
Select Return to return to the previous
Navigation System


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