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Frequently Asked Questions
Ordering a Navi DVD, Coverage, Map Errors, Limitations
I want to buy a new DVD. How do I purchase one?
I want to order a DVD. How can I determine the DVD version
in my navigation system?
I got a Navi DVD from a "friend," but it does not work. Why? Your vehicle was designed to use a white color DVD. DVDs with different
When is my city going to become part of a fully verified
detailed coverage area?
Will the navigation system work outside North America?
Can I play video DVDs in my navigation system?
I found some errors in the database. How do I report them?
Display, Accessories
The display appears dim when starting the car in real cold
weather. Is there a problem?
The screen does not close completely. Why is this?
112 Navigation System
You cannot obtain a new DVD from the dealer. See Obtaining a Navigation
Update DVD on page 97.
The version is on the label of your DVD. It starts with "Ver:." See Changing
the DVD on page 98.
colored labels, or from different manufacturers, will not operate correctly.
Always obtain DVDs from the DVD order desk. See page 97.
The mapping database vender is constantly revising map coverage. See
page 97 for ways to obtain the latest detailed coverage information.
The navigation system contains maps only for the lower 48 states, and
portions of southern Canada. The system will not work in Mexico, Hawaii,
Alaska, or overseas. Canada coverage is limited. See Map Coverage on
page 99.
No. The navigation system is designed only to read the blue DVD provided
with your vehicle. Map discs for other vehicle manufacturers, or PC map
programs will not work.
Minor errors are bound to occur in a large database. If you encounter major
errors, you can report them following the instructions on page 96.
No, this is normal, and will become brighter after a few minutes.
• Ensure that it is not during inserting/ejecting a CD. The screen cannot be
closed if a CD is not completely inserted in the unit.
• Ensure that it is not during inserting/ejecting the DVD. The screen cannot
be closed if the DVD is not completely inserted in the unit.


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