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Miscellaneous Other Questions
My clock frequently changes forward and backward by one
hour. Why is this?
When driving near a time zone border, the time changes even
though I am not near the time zone. Why is this?
The navigation system automatic daylight time feature is not
switching the navigation system clock on the correct dates.
Why is this?
The navigation system clock switched by one hour for no
apparent reason. What can cause this?
My state does not observe daylight savings time. How do I
turn off this feature?
My battery was disconnected, or went dead, and the
navigation system is asking for a code. Where do I find this
I speak a language other than English. When will other
languages be available for the navigation system?
The clock is being automatically set based on your GPS location. If you live
and work on the boundary between two time zones, you can turn off this
feature. See page 89.
The time zone borders are only approximated in the system. Depending on
the geography of the time zone boundary, the switch to a different zone can
be erratic. See page 89.
The navigation system is designed to switch to daylight savings time
according to the schedule in effect at the time your vehicle was produced.
For more information,m see Clock Adjustment on page 91.
1. You may be near a time zone boundary... (Covered in the other "clock"
2. The navigation system does not, or incorrectly switches between
standard and Daylight savings time. Set the "Auto Daylight Saving
Time" to "Off" on the clock Adjustment screen in Setup. Manually adjust
the clock by one hour as needed. See page 91 for more information.
You can turn off this feature. See page 88.
There should have been a card in the glove box with the anti-theft code for
the navigation/audio system. This card contains the 4-digit security code
and serial number. If you cannot find it, your dealer can help you out.
This is being considered as a future enhancement.
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