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Cable Management - HP Z200 - Small Form Factor Workstation Maintenance And Service Manual

Hp z200 sff workstation maintenance and service guide.
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Connect the drive cables:
Connect the power cable (1) and data cable (2) to the hard drive.
Figure 5-30
Route the SATA and power cables through the cable guide on the bottom of the chassis frame
behind the hard drive. (See
If the system has only one SATA hard drive, the data cable must be connected to the dark
blue connector labeled SATA0 on the system board to avoid any hard drive performance
problems. (See
Rotate the drive cage and the power supply down to their normal positions.
Replace the front bezel (see
Replace the access panel (see
Restore all connections and equipment that you removed during the
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Cable management

The Z200 Small Form Factor chassis is a very compact computer and proper routing of the internal
cables is critical to the operation of the computer. Follow good cable management practices when
working inside the computer
Keep cables away from direct contact with major heat sources like the heat sink. (The air flow guide
has a cable guide that lets you route cables safely around the heatsink.)
Do not jam cables on top of expansion cards or DIMMs. Circuit cards and DIMMs are not designed
to take excessive pressure.
Keep cables clear of movable or rotating parts like the power supply and drive cage to prevent
them from being cut or crimped when the component is lowered into its normal position
When folding a flat ribbon cable, never fold to a sharp crease. Sharp creases may damage the
Some flat ribbon cables come prefolded. Never change the folds on these cables.
Removing the optical drive
Locate system board drive connections on page
Installing the front bezel on page
Installing the access panel on page
Cable management on page
Predisassembly procedures
Removing and installing components


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