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Intel E2160 - Cpu Pentium Dual-Core 1.80Ghz Fsb800Mhz 1M Lga775 Tray Design Manual: Thermal Monitor 2; Concept For Clocks Under Thermal Monitor Control

Thermal design guide.
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Figure 7.

Concept for Clocks under Thermal Monitor Control

Normal clock
Internal clock
Duty cycle
internal clock

Thermal Monitor 2

The processor supports an enhanced Thermal Control Circuit. In conjunction with the
existing Thermal Monitor logic, this capability is known as Thermal Monitor 2. This
enhanced TCC provides an efficient means of reducing the power consumption within
the processor and limiting the processor temperature.
When Thermal Monitor 2 is enabled, and a high temperature situation is detected, the
enhanced TCC will be activated. The enhanced TCC causes the processor to adjust its
operating frequency (by dropping the bus-to-core multiplier to its minimum available
value) and input voltage identification (VID) value. This combination of reduced
frequency and VID results in a reduction in processor power consumption.
A processor enabled for Thermal Monitor 2 includes two operating points, each
consisting of a specific operating frequency and voltage. The first operating point
represents the normal operating condition for the processor.
The second operating point consists of both a lower operating frequency and voltage.
When the TCC is activated, the processor automatically transitions to the new
frequency. This transition occurs very rapidly (on the order of 5 μs). During the
frequency transition, the processor is unable to service any bus requests, all bus traffic
is blocked. Edge-triggered interrupts will be latched and kept pending until the
processor resumes operation at the new frequency.
Once the new operating frequency is engaged, the processor will transition to the new
core operating voltage by issuing a new VID code to the voltage regulator. The voltage
regulator must support VID transitions in order to support Thermal Monitor 2. During
the voltage change, it will be necessary to transition through multiple VID codes to
reach the target operating voltage. Each step will be one VID table entry (i.e., 12.5 mV
steps). The processor continues to execute instructions during the voltage transition.
Operation at the lower voltage reduces the power consumption of the processor,
providing a temperature reduction.
2 Duo E6400, E4300, and Intel
2 Duo E6400, E4300, and Intel
Dual-Core E2160 Processor
Dual-Core E2160 Processor—Thermal
Management Logic and Thermal Monitor Feature
Order Number: 315279 - 003US
October 2007


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