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HP 680n - JetDirect Print Server Administrator's Manual: Configuring The Printer

Hp jetdirect 200m print server - (english) administrator guide.
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Configuring the Printer

The HP LaserJet Utility allows printer settings such as printer
name and preferred zone to be configured from your Mac OS system.
Hewlett-Packard recommends that only network administrators
use the printer configuration capabilities of this utility.
If this printer is to be serviced by a print spooler, set up the printer's
name and zone before configuring the spooler to capture the printer.
Running the HP LaserJet Utility
1. With the printer turned on and online, and the print server
connected to the printer and to the network, double-click the
HP LaserJet Utility icon.
2. If the printer's name is not listed as the target printer, click
Select Printer. The Select a Target Printer window appears.
Select the zone, if necessary, from the AppleTalk Zones list in
which the printer resides. The zone the printer is in is shown
on the configuration page. See the hardware installation guide
for your print server or your printer's Getting Started guide
for instructions on printing a configuration page.
Select the printer from the Available Printers list and
click OK.
Verifying Network Configuration
To verify your current network configuration, print a Jetdirect
configuration page. If you have not printed a configuration page
from your printer, see the hardware installation guide for your print
server or your printer documentation for instructions (see
for more information). If your printer has a control panel, make
sure a
message appears on the control panel for at least
1 minute, then print the page. The current configuration is listed
under "AppleTalk" on the configuration page.
If you have multiple printers on your network, you
need to print a configuration page to identify the
printer's name and zone.
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