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HP 615N - JetDirect Print Server Setup Manual

Hp jetdirect 620n print server setup guide.
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hp jetdirect
Print Server



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   Summary of Contents for HP 615N - JetDirect Print Server

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    hp jetdirect 620n/615n Print Server setup guide...

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    Setup Guide HP Jetdirect Print Servers Models 620n/615n (EIO)

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    Safety Considerations © 2004 Copyright Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P. Prior to the installation and use of this product, review all safety markings and Reproduction, adaptation or translation instructions. without prior written permission is prohibited, except as allowed under Instruction Manual the copyright laws.

  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents 1. Introduction What You Need ....... . 8 For Help...

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    B. HP Jetdirect Solutions Summary Tools Overview ....... . 31 Supported Network Protocols .

  • Page 6: Introduction

    Introduction HP Jetdirect EIO internal print servers are network interface cards for HP Enhanced Input/Output (EIO) printers and MFP (multifunction peripheral) products. With an HP Jetdirect print server, you can connect and share your printer anywhere on your network and print at network speeds. HP Jetdirect EIO print servers support connection to Fast Ethernet (IEEE 802.3/802.3u 10/100Base-TX) networks.

  • Page 7

    Figure 1-2 Typical HP Jetdirect Print Server Installation HP Jetdirect EIO Using the HP Jetdirect print server, setting up your network printer is easy. Install the HP Jetdirect print server hardware and connect the printer to your network. Use network installation software to configure the print server for network communications, and to add the printer on each computer system that will send print jobs directly to the printer.

  • Page 8: What You Need

    What You Need HP printer with an available EIO slot. We assume that you have an HP EIO printer that is operating properly. Use the documentation supplied with your printer to assemble and test the printer. A working network with an available network connection, and network cables with RJ-45 connectors.

  • Page 9: For Help

    For Help... For advanced topics or more information, see other documentation for this product supplied electronically on the HP Jetdirect CD- ROM. For release notes, see the “Readme” file in the root directory of the HP Jetdirect CD-ROM. For Web-based or direct phone support, refer to the HP support information in Appendix Note...

  • Page 10: Installation Procedures

    Installation Procedures HP Jetdirect cards contain electronic CAUTION components that can be damaged by static electricity through electrostatic discharge (ESD). To prevent ESD damage, maintain frequent contact with any bare sheet metal surface on the printer. A grounding wrist strap (or similar device) is useful for this purpose.

  • Page 11: Remove Power To Printer, Install The Hardware

    Remove Power to Printer, Install the Hardware Figure 2-1 Remove Power, Install and Connect the Card RJ-45 1. Turn off the printer and remove the printer’s power cord. 2. Identify an available HP Enhanced I/O (EIO) slot (typically, in the back of the printer). For printers with multiple EIO slots, you can install Note the print server into any EIO slot in the HP printer.

  • Page 12: Verify Jetdirect Print Server Operation

    Verify Jetdirect Print Server Operation 1. Print a Jetdirect Configuration page and check for status messages. In most HP LaserJet printers, a Jetdirect Configuration page will automatically print when you print a Printer Configuration page. In HP DesignJet printers, Jetdirect configuration information will be included on the Service Configuration print.

  • Page 13

    Note Chapter 3 in this guide for link configuration and troubleshooting information. For persistent problems, refer to the HP Jetdirect Administrator’s Guide for this print server supplied electronically on the HP Jetdirect CD-ROM. Figure 2-2 Example of HP Jetdirect Configuration Page I/O CARD READY Installation Procedures 13 ENWW...

  • Page 14

    If Required, Configure Jetdirect With Your Network Settings If your network requires that you configure network settings on the print server before you add the printer to your network systems, you can do so now. However, in most cases, you can skip this section. Instead, you can proceed directly to Add the Printer to Your Network Server or System.

  • Page 15

    For more information, see the applicable HP Jetdirect Administrator’s Guide on the HP Jetdirect CD-ROM. Use the printer’s control panel (for printers with a MENUS + XXXXXXXXXX + XXXXXXXXXX supported control panel) + XXXXXXXXXXXX + XXXXXXXXXXXX + XXXXXXXX + XXXXXXXX to configure basic network parameters on the print server.

  • Page 16: Add The Printer To Your Network Server Or System

    Add the Printer to Your Network Server or System Once the printer is configured for proper operation on your network, you can then add the printer on each computer that will send print jobs directly to the printer. To add the printer to your system configuration, you must use network printer installation software for your system.

  • Page 17: Microsoft Or Novell Netware Networks

    Note If you use the HP Jetdirect CD-ROM to install MFP or All-in-One devices, some features (other than printing) may not be accessible. This section provides information on using the HP Jetdirect CD-ROM software. Microsoft or Novell NetWare Networks To install the printer on a supported Windows system using the HP Jetdirect CD-ROM utility: 1.

  • Page 18

    4. Follow the instructions on the screens. Note The printer installation wizard runs from the CD- ROM. It copies files to a temporary directory on your system, and deletes them when it terminates. For a current version of the wizard that can be installed and run from your system disk, visit HP online support at:

  • Page 19: Unix Networks

    UNIX Networks For HP-UX and Sun Solaris systems, use the HP Jetdirect Printer Installer for UNIX software provided on the HP Jetdirect CD-ROM. The software is located in the /UNIX directory of the CD-ROM. For detailed installation instructions and other information, read the text and documentation files provided in the /UNIX directory of the CD-ROM.

  • Page 20: To View Documents On The Cd-rom

    To View Documents on the CD-ROM Several HP Jetdirect print server documents, including the HP Jetdirect Print Server Administrator’s Guide, are provided on the CD-ROM both in Adobe Acrobat Reader format (*.pdf) and web browser format (*.htm). For supported Windows systems, these documents can be accessed through the CD-ROM utility.

  • Page 21

    Note For other supported operating systems, you can access the documentation files directly from the \DOCS directory on the CD-ROM. For Adobe Acrobat format (*.pdf) documents, the Adobe Acrobat Reader for your system must be installed and available on your system. If you have difficulty viewing *.pdf documents, upgrade to the latest released version of Acrobat Reader available from Adobe Systems...

  • Page 22: Troubleshooting Tools

    Troubleshooting Tools HP Jetdirect Configuration Page As illustrated in Chapter 2, the Jetdirect Configuration page provides comprehensive print server status. It is an important diagnostic tool, especially if network communications with the print server is not available. In most HP LaserJet printers, a Jetdirect Configuration page will automatically print when you print a Printer Configuration page.

  • Page 23: Link-speed Leds

    the printer’s control panel (if it has one). See Appendix C for more information. the embedded Web server running on the Jetdirect print server. accessing the Telnet interface on the Jetdirect print server. using a TFTP (Trivial File Transfer Protocol) configuration file that is downloaded, for example, from a BootP or DHCP server.

  • Page 24

    Note The HP Jetdirect 10/100Base-TX print server may require up to 10 seconds to establish a connection on the network. Try the following troubleshooting procedures: Verify cabling connections. Configure the print server’s 10/100TX link setting directly (for example, using the EIO menu on the printer’s control panel). Verify that the configuration of the connecting network device (such as a network switch) matches.

  • Page 25: Resetting To Factory Defaults

    Resetting to Factory Defaults You can restore default values by performing a cold reset on your printer (see your printer documentation for instructions). To perform a cold reset on many HP LaserJet printers, turn off the printer and then press and hold the Go button as you turn the printer back on.

  • Page 26: Enabling Or Disabling Network Protocols

    Enabling or Disabling Network Protocols When you first install the Jetdirect print server from the factory, all supported network protocols are enabled (or turned on) whenever you turn the printer on. If a network protocol is enabled, the card may actively transmit on the network even when there are no computers on the network that use the protocol.

  • Page 27: Introduction To Network Printing

    Introduction to Network Printing Network Printing Configurations Networks consist of computers connected together to share information and resources, such as printers. On a “client-server” network, client computers send print jobs to dedicated server computers that control the use of each printer. On a “peer-to-peer” network, dedicated servers are not used.

  • Page 28: Network Protocols

    Note that peer-to-peer printing can be configured on a client-server network. For example, a small workgroup might use peer-to-peer printing even though it is connected to an enterprise-wide client-server network. Network Protocols Regardless of the network type (client-server or peer-to-peer), your computers and printers must use a common language, or “network protocol”...

  • Page 29: Setting Up Your Network Printer

    Additional information on network addresses and other parameters is available using the HP Jetdirect CD-ROM utility (Windows) by selecting Networking Help. Setting Up Your Network Printer If you are on a network that uses TCP/IP, check with Note your network administrator for a valid IP address and other required parameters.

  • Page 30

    Table A-1 Using HP Jetdirect CD-ROM Software Network System HP Jetdirect CD-ROM Software Novell NetWare Windows 98/Me Run the printer installation wizard to NDS or Bindery NT 4.0, 2000, XP set up the appropriate queues on the networks NetWare server and Jetdirect print (Queue Server server.

  • Page 31: Hp Jetdirect Solutions Summary

    HP Jetdirect Solutions Summary Tools Overview Table B-1. Tools Overview HP Jetdirect Network Configuration and Management Embedded HP Jetdirect services: BootP or DHCP TFTP SNMP Telnet Embedded Web Server, HTTP (TCP port 80) Embedded Web Server, HTTPS (TCP port 443) HP management and support software: HP Web Jetadmin software (TCP/IP and IPX/SPX networks) HP Jetdirect Download Manager (HP Jetdirect firmware upgrades)

  • Page 32: Supported Network Protocols

    Supported Network Protocols Table B-2. Supported Network Protocols Network Network Printing Environments Protocols TCP/IP Microsoft Windows 98, Me, NT 4.0, 2000, XP-32/64 (Direct Mode), Server 2003 Novell NetWare 5, 6 via NDPS Apple Mac OS X UNIX and Linux, including: HP-UX Solaris (SPARCsystems only) RedHat Linux...

  • Page 33: Hp Installation Software

    HP Installation Software For a summary of HP solutions to setup network printing, see below. For more information on these and other HP Table B-3 solutions, visit HP online support at: Table B-3. HP Software Solutions (1 of 3) nstall Network Printer Wizard (Windows) Supported Networks (TCP/IP, IPX/SPX).

  • Page 34

    Table B-3. HP Software Solutions (2 of 3) HP Web Jetadmin (Internet access required) Supported Networks (TCP/IP, IPX/SPX): Windows NT 4.0, 2000, XP, Server 2003 HP-UX* Solaris* Red Hat, SuSE Linux NetWare* *Note: Supports queue creation and peripheral management from HP Web Jetadmin hosted on Windows NT 4.0, 2000, XP, Server 2003.

  • Page 35

    Table B-3. HP Software Solutions (3 of 3) HP IP/IPX Printer Gateway Supported Networks (IPX/SPX only): NetWare 5.x, 6.0 Simplified installation, printing, and bidirectional management of HP Jetdirect-connected printers under Novell Distributed Print Services (NDPS) Allows automatic discovery and installation of HP Jetdirect- connected printers into NDPS via IPX Frees up user licenses Allows disabling of SAPs to reduce network traffic...

  • Page 36: Hp Jetdirect Eio Control Panel Menus

    HP Jetdirect EIO Control Panel Menus Introduction When supported by the printer, the HP Jetdirect EIO internal print server contains a configuration menu that can be accessed from the printer’s control panel. The keystrokes to access this menu depend on the printer. Refer to the printer manuals for more information. The HP Jetdirect internal print servers support the following printer control panels: Classic Control Panel...

  • Page 37: Classic Control Panel

    Classic Control Panel Classic control panels can typically display two lines of 16 characters each. As described in Table C-1, the HP Jetdirect EIO control panel menu allows you to enable or disable network protocols, and configure selected network parameters. On the control panel display, an asterisk (*) is used to identify the selected value.

  • Page 38

    Table C-1. EIO Classic Control Panel Menu (2 of 3) Menu Item Description CFG TCP/IP= Selects whether you want to access the TCP/IP menu and set TCP/IP protocol parameters. NO (default): Bypass the TCP/IP menu items. YES: Access the TCP/IP menu items. TCP/IP menus depend on your print server model.

  • Page 39

    Table C-1. EIO Classic Control Panel Menu (3 of 3) Menu Item Description CFG IPX/SPX= Selects whether you want to access the IPX/SPX menu and set IPX/SPX protocol parameters. NO (default): Bypass the IPX/SPX menu items. YES: Access the IPX/SPX menu items. In the IPX/SPX menu, you can specify the Frame Type parameter used on your network.

  • Page 40: Graphical Control Panel

    Graphical Control Panel Graphical control panels typically display 18 characters on a line, and as many as four MENUS + XXXXXXXXXX + XXXXXXXXXX + XXXXXXXXXXXX + XXXXXXXXXXXX + XXXXXXXX + XXXXXXXX lines at a time. In addition, scrolling may be supported to allow display of additional lines.

  • Page 41

    Table C-2. EIO Graphical Control Panel Menu (2 of 5) Menu Item Options Description of settings CONFIG Specifies the method that TCP/IP METHOD parameters will be configured on the Jetdirect print server. BOOTP: Use BootP (Bootstrap Protocol) for automatic configuration from a BootP server.

  • Page 42

    Table C-2. EIO Graphical Control Panel Menu (3 of 5) Menu Item Options Description of settings MANUAL (Available only if CONFIG METHOD is set SETTINGS to MANUAL) Configure parameters directly from the printer control panel: IP ADDRESS n.n.n.n: The unique IP address of the printer, where n is a value from 0 to 255.

  • Page 43

    Table C-2. EIO Graphical Control Panel Menu (4 of 5) Menu Item Options Description of settings FRAME TYPE Selects the frame type setting for your network. AUTO: (Default) automatically sets and limits the frame type to the first one detected. EN_8023, EN_II, EN_8022, EN_SNAP are frame type selections for Ethernet networks.

  • Page 44

    Table C-2. EIO Graphical Control Panel Menu (5 of 5) Menu Item Options Description of settings LINK Selects the network link speed and SPEED communication mode for the print server. For proper communications, the Jetdirect settings must match the network. AUTO (default): The print server will automatically configure itself to match the network’s link speed and...

  • Page 45: Specifications And Regulatory Statements

    Specifications and Regulatory Statements Specifications HP Jetdirect EIO Internal Print Server HP J7934A (620n) Ethernet/Fast Ethernet, IEEE 802.3 and IEEE 802.3u 10/100Base-TX (RJ-45) HP J6057A (615n) Electrical 1.25 A maximum @ 3.3 V nominal Environmental Operating Non-Operating Temperature 0 C to 55 C -40 C to 70 C (32 F to 131 F) (-40 F to 158 F)

  • Page 46: Regulatory Statements

    FCC Statements CAUTION. Pursuant to Part 15.21 of the FCC Rules, any changes or modifications to this equipment not expressly approved by the Hewlett-Packard Company may cause interference and void the FCC authorization to operate this equipment. General Information. This device complies with Part 15 of the FCC Rules.

  • Page 47: European Community

    FCC Class B for HP J7934A Ethernet or IEEE 802.3/802.3u. This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class B digital device, pursuant to part 15 of the FCC Rules. These limits are designed to provide reasonable protection against interference in a residential installation.

  • Page 48: Hp Jetdirect Print Servers

    Roseville, August 20, 2003 Jill Stevenson, Product Regulations Manager European contact for regulatory topics only: Hewlett-Packard GmbH, HQ-TRE, Herrenberger Straße 140, 71034 Böblingen, Germany USA Contact: Hewlett Packard Co. Corporate Product Regulations Manager, 3000 Hanover Street, Palo Alto, CA 94304. Phone (650)857-1501...

  • Page 49

    Australia This equipment complies with Australian EMC requirements. Canada (J7934A Only) This equipment complies with Canadian EMC Class-B requirements. (J6057A Only) This equipment complies with Canadian EMC Class-A requirements. VCCI (Japan) J7934A Class B J6057A Class A RRL Statement (Korea) J7934A Class B J6057A Class A Specifications and Regulatory Statements 49...

  • Page 50

    Taiwan Class A J6057A Chinese Safety Statement Specifications and Regulatory Statements 50 ENWW...

  • Page 51: Warranty Service

    Warranty Service HEWLETT-PACKARD LIMITED WARRANTY STATEMENT HP PRODUCT DURATION OF LIMITED WARRANTY HP Jetdirect 620n/615n Print Servers 1 year J7934A, J6057A) Software on HP Jetdirect CD-ROM 90 days 1. HP warrants to you, the end-user customer, that HP hardware and accessories will be free from defects in materials and workmanship after the date of purchase, for the period specified above.

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  • Page 53: Hp Support And Service

    HP Jetdirect print server – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Firmware Upgrades Hewlett-Packard offers downloadable electronic upgrades for HP Jetdirect print servers with internal Flash memory. The electronic upgrades may be installed using several tools including...

  • Page 54: Hp Support By Phone

    HP Support By Phone Highly trained technicians are ready to take your call. For a list of HP support numbers by country/region, see Table F-1. For toll-free phone support in the USA and Canada, Note call HP support at: 1-800-HPINVENT (1-800-474-6836) For the most recent HP support telephone numbers and available services worldwide, visit:

  • Page 55

    Table F-1. Support Telephone Numbers (2 of 2) Denmark + 45 39 29 4099 Portugal +351 21 3176333 Finland + 358 (0)203 47 288 Russian +7 095 797 3520 Federation (Moscow) France + 33 (0)1 43 62 34 Singapore + 65 6272 5300 Germany 0180 525 8143 Spain...

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    © 2004 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P.

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