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Starting And Stopping Your Pc Workstation - HP Kayak XU04 User Manual

Pc workstations
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Starting and Stopping Your PC Workstation

Starting Your PC Workstation for the First Time
If your PC Workstation has preinstalled software, it is initialized the
first time you start the PC Workstation. The software initialization
process takes a few minutes. This process sets up the software in your
language and sets up your software to use the hardware installed in
your computer (you can change the settings after the software has
been initialized).
Starting Your PC Workstation
1 Before you start your PC Workstation, first switch on the display.
2 Start your PC Workstation in one of these ways:
Press the power button on the front panel.
Press the keyboard space bar.
The keyboard power-on feature will work only if
enabled in the
and the appropriate system board switch is DOWN (the default
When you switch on the computer, it carries out the Power-On-Self-
Test (POST) while the PC Workstation's logo is displayed. If you
wish to view the details of this test, press
the POST, the error will automatically be displayed.
3 If you have set a password in the PC Workstation's Setup program,
the password prompt is displayed after the POST has completed. If
the Password prompt is displayed, type your password and press
to be able to use the PC Workstation.
1 Setting Up and Using Your HP PC Workstation
menu of the Setup program (refer to page 39)
Starting and Stopping Your PC Workstation
. If there is an error in


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