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Audio Front Panel

Connecting Audio Accessories

Your PC Workstation has a Headphone Out jack and a Microphone In
jack on the Audio Front Panel. A LINE IN jack, LINE OUT jack, MIC IN
jack, and MIDI/Joystick connector are located on the rear panel.
Dual MIDI/Joystick
LINE IN jack
To avoid discomfort from unexpected noise, always turn down the
volume before connecting headphones or speakers.
Listening to loud sounds for prolonged periods may permanently
damage your hearing.
Before putting on headphones, place them around your neck and turn
down the volume. When you put on the headphones, slowly increase
the volume until you find a comfortable listening level, then leave the
volume control in that position.
1 Setting Up and Using Your HP PC Workstation
The internal speaker and LINE OUT
jack on the rear panel of your
PC Workstation are deactivated
when you use the Headphones jack
on the Audio Front Panel.
MIC IN jack
The internal speaker is deactivated
when you use the LINE OUT jack.
External speakers you connect
should have a built-in power
The audio accessories shown here
(microphone, speakers, and audio
system) are not supplied with your
PC Workstation.
Volume can be controlled through
the HP enhanced keyboard, or the
software volume control.
Connecting Audio Accessories


Table of Contents

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Table of Contents