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1 Setting Up and Using Your HP PC Workstation

Connecting to a Network

Connecting to a Network
Your PC Workstation has a 10/100BT LAN interface adapter.
The LAN adapter supports both 10 Mbit/s and 100 Mbit/s operations
and automatically detects which network type is being used.
1 Connect the RJ-45 plug on your network cable to the LAN connector
on the LAN Adapter. Push the plug into the connector until the plug
clicks into place.
2 Attach the other end of the LAN cable to a hub (or into a wall socket
that is connected to a hub).
Let your Network Administrator know that you are connecting your
PC Workstation to the network.
For further instructions on configuring your network connection,
refer to the Upgrade and Configuration Guide available on HP's
Web site.
Refer also to the online Network Administrator's Guide (provided
on an HP CD-ROM) for further instructions on setting up your PC
Workstation for a LAN connection.
The board shown here is
a combined SCSI/LAN


Table of Contents

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