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System Info.
Boot Steps
3 Troubleshooting Your HP PC Workstation
Using HP MaxiLife to Diagnose Problems
System information is displayed on the LCD one screen at a time and
should detail the following:
• Bios version
• Number & speed of processors
To view these details, use the
information screens.
Where available, the Boot steps option will display all POST steps the
next time your PC Workstation is powered on. For support purposes,
POST steps are shown as POST codes and displayed on the LCD
as follows:
POST Code 24
If your PC Workstation is powered off when Diags is selected, the LCD
displays a second menu. To perform the diagnostics tests, select
from this menu to enable the hardware management chip to assess
the status of your system's components.
If your PC Workstation is already powered on, the diagnostic tests will
be performed as soon as you select Diags from the LCD's main menu.
To view the test results for each system component, press the
control button.
If no component errors are detected, the following screen will appear.
• Number and capacity of memory
modules installed
• Serial Number
button to scroll through the
Post steps will be displayed on the
LCD the next time your PC
Workstation is powered on.
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Table of Contents

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Table of Contents