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If Nothing Is Displayed
On the Screen
Other Display Problems
3 Troubleshooting Your HP PC Workstation

If Your PC Workstation Has a Hardware Problem

If Your PC Workstation Has a Hardware Problem
This section describes what to do if you have problems with your
display, keyboard, or mouse.
Display Does Not Work Properly
If nothing is displayed on the screen, but the PC Workstation starts and
the keyboard, disk drives, and other peripheral devices seem to operate
Check your PC Workstation's LCD screen to help you diagnose the
Make sure that the display is plugged in and switched ON.
Check that the brightness and contrast controls are properly set.
Ensure that the display video cable is correctly connected.
Switch off the display, and unplug it from the power outlet.
Disconnect the video cable and examine the video cable connector
pins. If the pins are bent, carefully straighten them.
Check that the video upgrade is properly installed if you have one.
If the display works correctly during the Power-On-Self-Test
(POST), but goes blank when Windows starts, check that you have
enough memory for the video mode you have selected. Boot the
operating system in VGA mode (available with some systems).
If your screen's refresh rate is set too high, the screen might be
blank. Check the refresh settings to ensure they are not too high.
If the display image is not aligned with the screen, use the display's
controls to center the image (refer to the display manual for
instructions). If the screens generated by the applications do not
appear to be correct, check the application's manual to find out which
video standard is required. Also check your display manual to find out
which refresh rate is required. Use your operating system's procedures,
to select the correct refresh rate.


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