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Disk Striping
(Selected Models Only)
Before Installing an
IDE Hard Disk
Before Installing a
SCSI Hard Disk
To achieve top performance through disk striping, a RAIDport
provided on the system board aligned with PCI socket 3.
When the Adaptec
and RAIDport, the adapter sets up and accelerates disk striping on
hard disks connected to the internal UltraWide 16-bit SCSI controller.
The Adaptec
RAIDport adapter should be used with one or more
stripped hard disks.
For more information, refer to the HP FastRAID Installation and
Configuration Guide that came with your PC Workstation.
Refer to the drive's installation guide to see if you must set jumpers or if
there is a special installation procedure to follow.
If you are installing an additional SCSI drive, you should assign an
unused SCSI ID to this accessory. SCSI IDs range from 0 to 6 for Ultra
narrow 8-bit SCSI and from 0 to 15 for Ultra wide 16-bit SCSI. SCSI ID 0
is used by the first SCSI hard disk drive and SCSI ID 7 is reserved for the
integrated SCSI controller (the default for narrow and wide SCSI
You do not need to select a SCSI address for Plug and Play SCSI hard
disks (SCSI hard disks that support the SCAM protocol). SCAM is
disabled if the RAIDport adapter is installed.
You should assign an unused SCSI ID to the second SCSI hard disk
drive (for example, SCSI ID 1).
The SCSI ID is usually configured with jumpers on the SCSI hard disk
drive. Refer to the installation guide supplied with the drive for
information on selecting a SCSI ID.
Some internal SCSI disk drives may have termination resistors that
must be removed or disabled before installation in your computer.
Refer to the drive's installation guide for more details and to see if
there is a special installation procedure to follow.
2 How to Install Accessories In Your HP PC Workstation
RAIDport adapter is installed in the PCI socket
Installing Mass Storage Devices


Table of Contents

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