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If Your Pc Workstation Does Not Start Properly; Display Is Blank And There Are No Error Messages - HP Kayak XU04 User Manual

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Table of Contents
Check External Items
Check Internal Items
LCD Error Messages
Power CPU 1
Power CPU 2
Power Cache
CPU error
3 Troubleshooting Your HP PC Workstation

If Your PC Workstation Does Not Start Properly

If Your PC Workstation Does Not Start Properly

Display is Blank and There Are No Error Messages

If your display is blank and there are no error messages when you turn
on your PC Workstation, follow this procedure:
1 Check the LCD screen (refer to "Using HP MaxiLife to Diagnose
Problems" on page 28).
2 Check external items.
3 Check internal items.
Be sure the following external items are functioning properly:
Check that the computer and display are turned on. (The power light
should be illuminated.)
Check the display's contrast and brightness settings.
Make sure that all cables and power cords are firmly plugged in.
Make sure the power outlet is working.
If the PC Workstation still does not start properly, follow this procedure
to check the internal items:
1 Turn off the display, the computer, and all external devices.
2 Unplug all power cords and cables, noting their positions. Disconnect
the PC Workstation from any telecommunications network.
3 Remove the cover and check the following items:
Check all internal cables.
Check that the processors and VRMs
are correctly installed.
Reset the PC Workstation or power-off
the LAN.
Ensure they are correctly attached and
firmly in place.
Refer to "Installing a Processor" in the
Upgrade and Configuration Guide.
Refer to "The MaxiLife Control Panel" on
page 8.


Table of Contents

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