The Maxilife Control Panel - HP Kayak XU04 User Manual

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HP MaxiLife and its
Liquid Crystal Display
PC Lock Button
Network Activity Light
Hard Disk Activity Light
1 Setting Up and Using Your HP PC Workstation

The MaxiLife Control Panel

The MaxiLife Control Panel
The MaxiLife panel is located on the front of your PC Workstation.
Hard Disk Activity Light
Network Activity Light
HP MaxiLife and its LCD screen helps you diagnose problems with your
PC Workstation and provides system information you may need to
obtain support. Press one of the LCD control buttons to display the
menu. Use
to scroll through the menu items and
item required. For more information on using the LCD, refer to "Using
HP MaxiLife to Diagnose Problems" on page 28.
With the HP Lock installed, you can use this button to prevent
unauthorized access of your PC Workstation during your absence. Your
applications will remain active. To unlock the PC Workstation, enter
the Window's login password (refer to Window's
for more information on setting or changing this password).
This light glows/flickers when your PC Workstation is accessing
the network.
This light glows/flickers when your hard disk drive is being accessed.
LCD Control Buttons
Power On/Off
Button and
Reset Button
PC Lock Button
and LED
to select the
in the


Table of Contents

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