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1 Setting Up and Using Your HP PC Workstation
Starting and Stopping Your PC Workstation
Initializing Your Software
Do NOT switch OFF the PC Workstation while the software is being
initialized—this could cause unexpected results.
To initialize your software:
1 Turn on the display first, and then the PC Workstation.
When the PC Workstation is switched on, the HP PC Workstation's
logo is displayed. The PC Workstation performs a Power-On-Self-
Test (POST).
2 The software initialization process starts. It displays the software
license agreement, gives you an opportunity to read Working in
Comfort (ergonomic advice for computer users), and then asks
questions about the PC Workstation.
3 While the initialization process is running, you can complete the
Warranty Registration card that came with this manual.
4 When the initialization process has finished, click OK and the
PC Workstation will restart.
Creating an Emergency Repair Disk
During the initialization of your software, it is very important that you
create an Emergency Repair Disk for the operating system, when
prompted. HP recommends that you use new diskettes for this
For more information on how to create these diskettes, refer to the
documentation that came with your application software or operating


Table of Contents

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Table of Contents