Important Safety Information - HP Kayak XU04 User Manual

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Who This Manual Is For
This manual is for anyone who wants to:
Set up the PC Workstation for the first time.
Configure the PC Workstation.
Add accessories to the PC Workstation.
Troubleshoot problems on the PC Workstation.
Find out where to get more information and support.

Important Safety Information

If you have any doubt that you can lift the PC Workstation or display
safely, do not try to move it without help.
For your safety, always connect the equipment to a grounded wall
outlet. Always use a power cord with a properly grounded plug, such
as the one provided with this equipment, or one in compliance with
your national regulations. This PC Workstation is disconnected from
the power by removing the power cord from the power outlet. This
means the PC Workstation must be located close to a power outlet that
is easily accessible.
For your safety, never remove the PC Workstation's cover without first
removing the power cord from the power outlet, and any connection to
a telecommunications network. Always replace the cover on the
PC Workstation before switching it on again.
To avoid electric shock, do not open the power supply. There are no
user-serviceable parts inside.
This HP PC Workstation is a class 1 laser product. Do not attempt to
make any adjustment to the laser units.


Table of Contents

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Table of Contents