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Using Tv Guide On Screen Tm System - Fujitsu Plasmavision P37FT05AUB User Manual

37 / 50 / 65 full hd display
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About the TV Guide On Screen System
TV Guide On Screen system offers up to 8 days of television shows. Television shows can be easily viewed and recorded by using TV
Guide On Screen system.
The TV Guide On Screen System has the following 5 main services:
: Displays show listings.
When a title in a show listing is chosen, information for that show is displayed.
Shows with titles in the show listings can be viewed.
Recording and reminder scheduling of shows are possible.
: Shows you want to view can be searched by keyword, category, or alphabetically by title.
• RECORDINGS : Displays a list of previously recorded or currently recording shows.
: Lets you review, edit, or delete scheduled recordings and reminders.
: System setup, channel display, and default option can be reviewed and modified.
Common precautions
Initialize TV Guide On Screen system before use.
Program video is not displayed if the cable or the antenna is not connected.
If a broadcast does not contain TV Guide On Screen information, TV Guide On Screen information cannot be acquired. Also, it
may take several days to search 8 days worth of show information.
TV Guide On Screen system supports cable television and VHF/UHF television, but does not support satellite broadcasts.
If not actually aired, a show cannot be viewed even if its name is listed in TV Guide On Screen system.
"RECORDINGS" can be used by connecting your product to a recording device having IEEE1394 functions.
(There are also some devices which do not operate even if connected.)
The pictures in this document are typical. The broadcast stations and shows are different, depending on the reception area.
Remote Control Functions of the TV Guide On Screen system
: Displays or exits TV Guide On Screen.
: Displays program information and HELP.
: Scrolls the page.
: Displays various panel menus.
, ,
: Select shows and functions.
: Executes the selected item(s).


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