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Precautions Related To Connection Of Ieee1394 Devices - Fujitsu Plasmavision P37FT05AUB User Manual

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IEEE1394 SETTING (IEEE1394 MENU) (Continued)


Only TV-GUIDE recording operation is effective.
There are devices which cannot be connected, depending on
the IEEE1394 devices supported
• DVD recorder, personal computer, personal computer
peripheral devices cannot be connected, because the
specifications are different.
• Analog broadcasts cannot be recorded.
• Operation may be erroneous when a DVD recorder, PC
peripheral devices, and other devices not supported by this
product are connected at the same time.
• When used by connecting multiple IEEE1394 devices,
operation may be unstable depending on the use and
interconnection of the connected devices. In this case,
operation may be stabilized by disconnecting unused devices
or by changing the way the devices are connected.
• When too many devices are connected at the same time,
unexpected operation may be performed depending on the
compatibility, etc. between the interconnected devices.
• Do not connect in a loop.
Also IEEE1394 devices with 3 or more branches are not
Example of usable connection
This product
Example of unusable connection (because it is a
loop connection)
This product
Example of unusable connection (because there
are 3 branch connections)
This product
• If the operation is not executed for about 60 seconds, the menu disappears.
• Some functions are not available depending on the state or condition of use.
While using IEEE1394 devices, do not disconnect or connect
the IEEE1394 cord of the connected IEEE1394 devices. Also,
while using this product, do not perform IEEE1394 device
power on/off and other operations. The picture and sound may
be disturbed.
• Some IEEE1394 device cannot relay data when the power of
the device is turned off. In this case, turn on the power of the
device and then connect.
• Only MPEG2 TS and DV are supported. The picture of
contents recorded with other than this product may be
* When this product does not operate normally, reuse it after
turning off the power once.


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