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To Receive Cable Tv Programs (With Cablecard) - Fujitsu Plasmavision P37FT05AUB User Manual

37 / 50 / 65 full hd display
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* To watch cable TV broadcasts, sign up with a cable-TV provider before installing and connecting the display. For details, contact the
cable-TV provider.
5. Insert the CableCARD.
The cable-TV provider supplies the CableCARD after you sign up for service. (Make sure the cable company knows you are requesting or
upgrading to CableCARD service.)
Insert the CableCARD into the slot shown in the figure below before turning on the power for the first time after the purchase of the
Upper side of the card
* Be sure to insert the CableCARD designated by the cable-TV provider.
6. Connect the power cord coming from the display to the outlet, and turn on the power supply. For further information,
observe the content of "Power On" (P. E-19) .
7. Press
to select the TV mode.
8. Press
to select signal of CABLE.
9. Select a desired program.
10. Press
to initialize TV Guide On Screen system.
About CableCARD
• The display enables you to watch cable TV broadcasts without the set top box.
• To watch cable TV broadcasts, you need to sign up with a cable-TV provider in your region.
• The cable-TV provider supplies the CableCARD in response to the contract. You can watch cable TV broadcasts by inserting the CableCARD into
the CABLE CARD slot in the display.
• Be sure to use only the CableCARD supplied by the cable-TV provider. Do not insert PCMCIA card other than CableCARD into the CableCARD slot.
• Slowly push in the designated CableCARD until it is locked.
• Insertion of an undesignated card may damage the CableCARD slot.
• Pictures will not display unless CABLE is connected.
• It may take time to obtain channel information.
• When a CableCARD has been inserted into the display, the set's power consumption increases slightly. - in both the standby state and power on state.
• When the power cable is disconnected or broadcasts cannot be received (antenna was disconnected, etc.) after the cable card was inserted/set, it may
be impossible to receive data from the cable TV provider. In this case, it may become impossible to view the contracted programs even if the power
is turned on again. When this state occurred, please contact the cable TV provider.
• When upgrading the CableCARD firmware, do not remove the power cable or the CableCARD. The CableCARD may be destroyed. The
CableCARD firmware may be upgraded in either the standby state or power on state. For checking during upgrading, check the messages on the
screen in the power on state.
• If you are using a CableCARD and the display is not operating properly, try disconnecting and reconnecting the power cable and turning the display
power on.
• The CableCARD may be hot; remove with caution.


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