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Cleaning - Fujitsu Plasmavision P37FT05AUB User Manual

37 / 50 / 65 full hd display
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Be sure to remove the power plug from the receptacle before cleaning the display.
Be sure not to clean the display using a cloth dampened with volatile solvents, such as benzene or thinner. Such solvents can harm the
display's cabinet, the filter at the screen front, and the remote control. They can also cause paint to come off these sections.
Cleaning the Screen
Clean the screen gently with a soft cloth.
The screen surface is fragile. Never attempt to clean it with a hard material, press on it forcefully, or tap it.
Cleaning the Cabinet
Wipe off the dust on the surface of the cabinet gently with a clean dry soft cloth such as gauze or flannel.
Do not apply too much pressure to the cloth when wiping off the dust on the cabinet to prevent scratches on the cabinet caused by dust.
If the cabinet is extremely dirty, use a clean soft cloth from which the excess water has been removed after being soaked in a kitchen cleaner
diluted with water. Finish cleaning by wiping the cabinet with a clean dry soft cloth.
To prevent fingerprints, etc. on the cabinet, do not hold the cabinet with your bare hands.
Cleaning the Remote Control
Use a soft cloth for cleaning.
If the remote control is heavily stained, soak a soft cloth in a mixture of water and detergent and squeeze it dry before wiping off the stains.
Use a soft, dry cloth for final cleaning.
Cleaning the ventilation grille
Remove dust from the ventilation grille in the rear of the main unit periodically with a vacuum cleaner as the accumulated dust can increase
the internal temperature of the main unit causing machine failure or fire hazard.


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