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Information - Fujitsu Plasmavision P37FT05AUB User Manual

37 / 50 / 65 full hd display
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• Receptacle
Make sure that the power cord's grounding wire is grounded.
The display comes with a 3-prong power plug; one prong is connected to the grounding wire. If you have only a 2-hole receptacle, you
will need to have it replaced. Contact your dealer for more information.
• Have the display inspected and cleaned by your dealer at regular intervals.
• High-precision technology has been used in the manufacture of the display panel, in which the effective pixels exceeds 99.99%.
However, please be aware, that fewer than 0.01% of the pixels may be missing or remain constantly lit.
• Some models are fitted with a radiator fan to prevent the display's internal temperature from rising during operation. Be careful of the air
emitted by the radiator fan, as it may be hot.
• Contact your dealer when causing a bad influence to the display and other audio-visual equipment mutually.
You may need to move your display if it produces degraded pictures or noise due to electromagnetic radiation, or if the infrared remote
control does not function properly.
• Pictures may not be displayed properly if you connect a non-standard PC to the RGB input terminal. In this case, contact your dealer for
more information.
• The protective circuit, built into the display, automatically turns off the power if the display has a problem. In this case, you will see that
the power indicator lamp flashes red or green.
• Do not display the same picture for a long time, because part of the screen may "burn-in" and create a residual image if the same picture
is displayed for an extended period of time. To prolong the life of the display, we recommend the use of the "Screen Orbiter" settings.
(See P. E-38) When a residual image was created, reduce the residual image by using the "White screen" settings. Note that there may
also be cases when it can not be recovered completely. (See P. E-39)
• When the screen size is set to "Normal" and a picture was displayed for a long time, a residual image may be created at the boundary
with the part at which an image is not displayed. We recommend that you use a screen size other than "Normal". (See P. E-22)
If the power indicator lamp flashes red or green, this signifies that the display has developed a problem. When this happens, be sure to unplug from the
receptacle to prevent fire or electric shock. Then contact your dealer.
• The power plug shall be inserted into the receptacle at the place where you get it easily.


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