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LG GR-K243UG User Manual page 8

Kimchi refrigerator
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Safety precautions
When operating the doors, be sure to
avoid placing your hands where the doors
could close on them.
The hinge mechanism includes a buffer
that causes the door to close automatically
when it reaches an angle
of 20°. Having your
hands in the
way could result
in injury.
Do not put live animal inside the
If the power cord or plus is damaged, or if
the outlet is loose, do not plug in.
It can cause an electric
shock or short circuit.
▶ It can damage the house or appliance. Always take special caution.
Do not stick your hand or a metal rod on the
lid part or under the appliance, climb on the
door or go inside after opening the door.
Because the bottom of the refrigerator is a metal
place, it can cause an electric shock or injury.
• If you install the refrigerator on the veranda,
there is a danger of the child falling off from
the veranda.
• There is a danger of
a child being trapped
and suffocating inside
the refrigerator.
If the hinge of the door is damaged or not
working properly, do not use the doors
and contact the service center.
Use the refrigerator
after getting service
from the center.



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