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LG GR-K243UG User Manual page 2

Kimchi refrigerator
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Advantages of the product
Easy installation
With a nice design to fit well with any
place in the kitchen, the refrigerator can
be installed any location where there
temperature is between 5 to 43°C.
Storage and seasoning at the
same time
You can separately select to store and
season the lid left/right and drawer
left/right compartment. (But drawer
right compartment is only for storage.)
High quality seal type Kimchi
storage container
The Kimchi storage container with
high usability and seal will keep the
Kimchi flavor fresh. (The shape of the
Kimchi storage container can differ
depending on the model).
To make a Chungkukjang and a
Old Kimchi
You can easily make and store the
Chungkukjang which is good for
You can make the Old Kimchi in a
month, which it takes in general a year
or longer to ferment
Magic crisper
With a magic crisper installed on the lid of the
vegetable compartment, it will absorb moisture
when overly humid and adds moisture when overly
dry to keep the freshness of the vegetable.
Various food storage capabilities
You can not only store and ferment
Kimchi but also store Chungukjang
and use exclusively for freezing to
expand your variety of food to store.
Door that is easy to open and close
With an absorption device attached to
the door, the door can be lightly
opened and slowly closed to minimize
the impact.
Strong deodorizing function
Both left and right compartments have a
separately installed "deodorizer" to
reduce the smell of Kimchi. When the
deodorizing effect is reduced, clean the
internal sides of the refrigerator and
reuse the deodorizer. (Refer to page 39
for methods on cleaning the refrigerator
and reusing the deodorizer.)
Door cooling system
The refrigerant in the inside of the
door makes the inside temperature,
which became hot due to opening
the door, be stable quickly.



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