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Safety Precautions - LG GR-K243UG User Manual

Kimchi refrigerator
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Safety precautions

Safety precautions must be observed to prevent accident or injury.
Keep this manual in a convenient place where it is readily available for
This symbol indicates a warning about a specific event or condition.
When connecting the power
Use a dedicated circuit.
Plugging in several products to the outlet
can cause a fire.
This can activate the circuit breaker to
cause the food to go bad.
Unplug the appliance when cleaning it.
Do not pull the cord or handle the electric
cord with damp hands.
There is a danger of electric shock or fire
from short circuit.
When pushing in the refrigerator after unplugging the power plug during installation, make
sure the power cord is not crushed or pressed under the refrigerator.
It can cause a fire or an electric shock.
Not keeping the instruction may cause severe danger such as death
or serious wound. The instruction should be followed.
Be sure that the power cord is connected
properly and is not pinched by having the
appliance pushed against it.
Do not allow the plug to become damaged
or get wet. It could cause a fire or an
electrical shock.
Do not bend the power cord forcibly.
Be sure it is not damaged by being under
a heavy object.
The power cord may be damaged and
cause a fire or electrical shock.



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