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LG GR-K243UG User Manual page 6

Kimchi refrigerator
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Safety precautions
When using the refrigerator
Do not store anything that could leak
water or other fluid such as flower vase,
cup, cosmetics, chemical etc.
It can cause a fire or electrical shock or
cause an injury from falling off.
Do not spray water or wipe with benzene,
thinner etc. inside or outside the
It may degrade the insulation
of electrical parts
and cause an
injury, fire or
electrical shock.
Only a properly trained service agent
experienced in refrigerator should
disassemble, repair or modify this
There is a
danger of fire,
injury or
electrical shock.
Do not use sharp tools to defrost or
remove ice from the appliance.
• The product may be damaged, resulting
in fire or electrical shock.
• If the refrigerant is leaked, it can cause
problems to the cooling
function resulting in
overly seasoned
If gas leaks from the appliance, don' t
touch the appliance or its plug, instead
ventilate the area immediately.
There is a danger
of fire or other
damage, as a
spark could ignite
the gas and cause an explosion.
When disposing the old appliance, be sure
to detach the doors.
Children could accidentally
close themselves
in an abandoned
appliance and



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