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Checkpoints Before Requesting For Service - LG GR-K243UG User Manual

Kimchi refrigerator
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Checkpoints before requesting for service

When the
cooling does
not work at all
When the
cooling is not
working well
When you hear
a weird noise
Is the power shut-down?
Is the power plug unplugged from
the outlet?
Is the installed location too hot
or cold?
Did you store hot food without
cooling it down?
Is the door completely closed?
Does it receive direct sunlight or is
near a heating device?
Is there an appropriate clearance
around the refrigerator?
Does the temperature of the
installed location go below 5℃?
Did you set the storing
temperature to "Min"?
Is the floor of the installed location
soft or is the refrigerator installed
on an unstable floor?
(It can make noises on the
wooden floor.)
Are there any objects on the top or
on the back of the refrigerator?
Check the power of the other
Connect the power cord
properly to the outlet.
Install the refrigerator where
the external temperature is
between 5 and 43℃.
Cool down the hot food before
storing the food.
Make sure the stored food or
the Kimchi container does not
touch the cover, and close the
cover tightly.
Check the installed location.
Leave an appropriate clearance
around the refrigerator.
Refer to the installation method
and install where the
surrounding temperature is
above 5℃.
Set the storing temperature to
"Mid" or "Max".
Install the refrigerator where
the floor is firm and leveled.
Set the object properly.



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