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Fermenting The Old Kimchi - LG GR-K243UG User Manual

Kimchi refrigerator
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Using method of operating control parts

Fermenting the Old Kimchi

You can taste a nicely salted and acidulous Old Kimchi.
If you ripen the Kimchi made more saltily and with less subsidiaries, (red pepper power, garlic,
etc.) you can get the tastily Old Kimchi.
Please refer to
The period to ripen the Old Kimchi is around a month (23-30 days) which is longer than
generally ripe Kimchi.
The Old Kimchi would not be tasty to the person who does not like a acidulous taste
because it is more acidulous than the generally ripe Kimchi.
To ferment
※ The button shape of display could be changed for the better performance.
2 sec
page 34 (How to make delicious the Old Kimchi)
Old Kimchi
Press the
• Press the
The letter below the lock changes from "Lock" to
"Unlock" to enable other functions.
Cautions when fermenting the Old Kimchi
It takes long time, around 23 ~ 30 days, for the Old Kimchi to be fermented.
If the power is off or the door opens during fermentation, the taste of the Old Kimchi would be changed.
You should make the Old Kimchi with the cabbage for winter reservation and be a little more salty to lessen
that the tissues of cabbages get flabby and that it smells stale. (the salinity of a general Kimchi: 2.0~2.5 %, the
Old Kimchi: 3.5~5 %) To put too much subsidiaries such as red peppers, etc. can hinder lactobacillus' activity
and the Kimchi can be unripe. Please refer to
make the Old Kimchi.
When completing the fermentation of the Old Kimchi, the remaining time becomes to
"0" and the status is automatically changed to under the "storage of the Old Kimchi".
button for more than
button for more than
page 34 (How to make delicious the Old Kimchi)
for details.
for how to
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