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LG GR-K243UG User Manual page 41

Kimchi refrigerator
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Icing, dew, ice, water, mold
There are dew drops forming outside the refrigerator.
This is the same effect as water forming on a cold glass of water. If the refrigerator
is installed at a humid location or during the rainy season when it is hot and humid,
sometimes the dew drops form on the outer side of the refrigerator. This happens
when it is very humid, so just wipe it out with a dry cloth.
There are dew drops or icing on the inner side of the refrigerator and
water is collected below the refrigerator.
• This happens when icing or dew drops are formed from the
difference between the internal and external temperature, and it
is a natural phenomenon of direct cooling type. Just wipe it off
with a dry cloth from time to time.
• When removing the icing, do not use any sharp objects
(ex, ice pick, and knife).
• If the icing is blocking the way to take out the container, turn off the power,
empty the compartment and leave the door open to quickly melt the icing.
Ice is formed on the lid of the Kimchi container.
Running the refrigerator at optimal temperature to store Kimchi
for a long period of time can sometimes make the water drops
freeze on the lid. Be safe because it is not a problem.
There is some moisture inside the Kimchi refrigerator that was delivered.
The moisture or dew drops formed inside the delivered Kimchi refrigerator is from the
production process and performance test. It has no relevance to whether the product
was used or whether there is a performance issue.



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