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After Cleaning - LG GR-K243UG User Manual

Kimchi refrigerator
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How to reuse the deodorizer
Press the back latch of the deodorizer cover and pull up the cover.
Open the cover and remove the deodorant block. Dry it with a hair
dryer or leave it in the sun for a couple of hours. Replace the deodorant
block into the hold and close the cover. (The odor leaves the deodorizer
block and it can be reused.)
※ The shape and size of the deodorant block can differ by the model.

After cleaning

Plug the power plug. Check if there is any damage
to the cord or if there is any heating on the plug.
After Fermentation of the Old Kimchi or the Chungkukjang...
Because the Old Kimchi or the Chungkukjang is, in general,
fermented much more than a general fermented food,
during or after fermenting, it can smell of the Old Kimchi or the
So, After fermenting, please clean containers
(Kimchi boxes, Chungkukjang tray, etc.) and wash the inside
of the drawer with detergent to reduce smell.



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